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The Karst gmajna festival: “Experience one of the most diverse cultural landscapes in Europe!”

By: Lea Kalc Furlanič

In the Karst and in Brkini, they know how to show all the richness that their extremely rich karst cultural landscape has to offer. For the seventh year, the Karst gmajna festival has been organised in the spring.

It offers visitors a variety of activities and experiences of natural and cultural heritage, the unique flora and fauna of the area, folk wisdom, and knowledge. “The Karst gmajna festival is like a harbinger of spring, as it heralds the beginning of rich events in the Karst and in Brkini. With 20 smaller events, we invite you to authentically explore our places, to experience a life full of landscape and friendly people, as well as cuisine, in which the locals have for centuries included everything that nature has to offer,” pointed out Katja Kralj, expert manager of the Karst and Brkini destination.

From herbs to drywall

Would you like to learn about Karst herbs and learn how to use them in cuisine and medicinal preparations? Would you like to test your drywall construction skills? Are you interested in moderate recreation in authentic Karst nature? And getting to know protected animals and plants or biodiversity of the karst landscape? All this and more was prepared for visitors by the people of Karst and Brkini this spring as part of the Karst gmajna festival, which takes place between April 22nd and May 20th. That is why you have to hurry and get your hands on the list of happenings and choose the most suitable, the most interesting, the least known, but in the desire to discover what the rich Karst gmajna, which is considered the oldest cultural landscape and one of the richest living spaces in Europe, hides in its bowels.

The events will take place in Lipica, Škocjanska Jame Park, the Museum of Slovenian Film Actors in Divača, in Rodik, in the Sežana Botanical Garden, at Bunče’s homestead in Dutovlje, in Kobjeglava, on the Kostanjeviško-Mirenski Karst and elsewhere. All information is available on the website visitkras.info/festivalkraskagmajna and in TIC.

“We invite you to explore the exceptional biotic diversity of the karst region, its cultural heritage, the knowledge inspired by this exceptional habitat, and the activities that take place in it,” the Regional Development Agency of Karst and Brkini emphasized.

Sign up before

Within the framework of the festival, thematic hikes, workshops, culinary experiences, and lectures are organised. The offer of the karst region is exceptional in all seasons, which is why the festival consists of sections that follow the rhythm of nature. Again, this year, the festival connects various organisations working in the field of tourism. ORA Karst and Brkini took over the role of the main organiser and coordinator, the co-organisers and initiators of the festival are the Public Institute Park Škocjanske jame, the Public Institute Miren Kras, Kobilarna Lipica, KSP d. d. Sežana – Botanical garden next to Villa Mirasasso, and the festival also attracted many providers to participate, which complement the diversity of the karst countryside with authentic experiences. The number of places is limited, so it is necessary to register for the events in advance.

Advertising of the Karst gmajna festival is carried out within the framework of the KRAS-CARSO II project, which is co-financed by the Interreg VI-A Italy-Slovenia 2021-2027 Programme (European Regional Development Fund).

Pepea’s garden. The experience of the Karst gmajna is complemented by various experiences, among them the Karst gmajna Goodness Days, which invite you to Bunče’s homestead in Dutovlje. (Photo: Marko Pleterski)

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