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It is always about a healthy mind in a healthy body!

By: Petra Janša

This time, we visited the company AS AN, Ltd., known for the brand Planet zdravja (Planet of Health), just a few hours after Igor Ogorevc’s appearance on the recent marathon talk show on Nova24TV. The latter helped prepare this demanding event as the main sponsor.

In the mentioned show and in our conversation, Igor Ogorevc explained the functioning of our bodies using the example: “Our body works like a car – something in our body has to burn to give us energy and warmth. And what burns in our body? Sugar and fat, protein does not burn because it is a building material,” said Ogorevc and added that the reason for most chronic diseases is the way we eat, which we have already written about in a previous article.

The Importance of Body Temperature

The conversation also touched on alcohol consumption. I was surprised by Ogorevc’s statement that an alcoholic is someone who is naturally hypothermic and uses alcohol to warm their body. “Alcoholics do not burn sugar well. They are always cold. With alcohol, they can warm up to a normal working temperature within a few minutes and feel good. Their body only functions normally at that point because it has a normal temperature,” Ogorevc explained. “But alcoholics do not start drinking because their body is hypothermic; they do it because they have psychological problems,” I interjected. Ogorevc responded, “It is the same thing. What is depression if not the cooling of the body? All the people who come to us with this problem are as cold as snakes. Depression is the inability of the body to function,” he continued. – “That is a strong statement.”“It is not strong; it is logical.”“Does someone react differently to the same event than others, and falls into depression because they are hypothermic?” I concluded. “Logically, right? Every bodily function depends on body temperature. If we have the correct temperature in our body, enzymes and hormones are produced correctly, and vice versa,” Ogorevc added. He emphasised that this fact is most important in stressful situations. “Why is an event a catastrophe for some but not for others?” he asked. “Because of their character?” I suggested. “No. Because their body works better and can handle stress better,” Ogorevec explained.

The Importance of Sleep!

In this context, Ogorevec cited the example of a fifty-year-old woman from the United States whom he analysed using ANESA equipment. “Overweight, full of lymph, swollen all over. She had a complete circulation blockage in her body. When I saw the state of her liver and vagus nerve, I asked her about her sleep. She broke down. She said, ‘My husband and I have a television in the bedroom; he watches it, and I cannot sleep because of it. And then I am tired, and everything goes wrong…’ I told her, ‘When you start eating properly, when you improve circulation in your body, you will feel much better. We performed therapy on her. First, we fixed her vagus nerve.” For those who do not know, the vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve and the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is important in regulating the functioning of almost all internal organs. In addition to vegetative neurons that innervate the organs of the chest and abdominal cavity, the vagus nerve also contains somatic neurons (motor fibbers) that innervate the throat, pharynx, oesophagus, and sensory fibbers that innervate the skin of the external ear canal, gustatory chemoreceptors in the base of the tongue, and the mucous membrane of the throat and pharynx. “When the vagus nerve is irritated, you become as tense as a string, or you become depressed. These are the only two deviations. When we fixed the woman’s vagus nerve, her liver reacted, and her skin improved. She began to laugh, as if nothing had ever happened to her,” Ogorevc recounted, explaining that an overactive liver produces much more bile. “People who have too much bile are nervous, tense, and aggressive,”“Is it not the opposite? Does anger not affect the poor functioning of the liver and bile?” I asked. “There is a Slovenian saying: you are so angry that your bile will burst,” my conversation partner responded, emphasising that “every psyche is a consequence of the functioning of the physical body. If you correct the physical body first, the psyche will work fine. The body is a machine, one system. Emotions depend on the functioning of the physical body. You know how accurate it is to say that someone is hot-tempered. See the psyche of people living in warm climates and the psyche of people living in cold climates, and you will understand.” – “People in cold climates are more depressed,” “They are not depressed. They are calmer. They have a different culture. Spanish, Italians, or Greeks are different from Germans, Danes, Norwegians… What a difference, right? Where it is warm, there are more hormones. They are happy, full of emotions, as they need to use those hormones; otherwise, they do not feel well. But what about people in the north? They are cooler because they have fewer hormones, which is why they are calmer, everything works more slowly. This is how nature operates; it is a law of physics, a law of temperature. If anyone thinks that our bodies work differently, they are very mistaken.”

Igor Ogorevc was a guest on the marathon show on Nova 24TV last Sunday. (Photo: printscreen)

When You Freeze Because of Fear

“How does a stressful situation affect the body when someone has been beaten since childhood?”“Here we have a pattern where there is fear. Fear affects the functioning of the kidneys and liver. Fear cools the body, which is why you freeze when you are scared,” Ogorevc said, adding that kidneys are overactive in these cases because they work too hard. “The kidneys are the body’s largest cooling system. So as long as you do not correct kidney function, the same pattern keeps repeating. You react the same way to the same situation or information. But when you correct kidney function and become warmer, when you feel good, only then can you consciously perceive and overcome the conflict because you do not react by freezing every time,” Ogorevc explained. He also said that the psyche is created in the head, in the brain. “The brain works based on information brought to it by hormones through the blood, which are produced in the body, not outside it. As many hormones as we have, that is how behaviour will be. When you help the physical body – cure it to respond differently to stress – then the psyche will be different. That is why there is only one rule: a healthy mind in a healthy body!” Ogorevc repeated the old saying and added another: “Old people also said that a person should have warm feet and a cool head. If the head is too warm – we can very accurately measure this with our analyser because we measure the temperature on the neck – then it means all the glands in the head (hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pineal, parathyroid) are working too hard,” Ogorevec cautioned. “One rule in the body is that when the temperature is too high, the glands work too much, and vice versa. It is about hormonal imbalances, disrupting the entire endocrine system.”

Correct electrical conductivity

Ogorevc also stated that it is essential for the body to have proper electrical conductivity because if it does not, things will not work. “Like with a computer. What happens if the electrical voltage in it fluctuates?” he asked. “It breaks,”“Yes. As I mentioned on Boris Tomašič’s show, everything depends on electricity – how the heart, brain, skin, nervous system, muscles work. We are essentially electrical beings.” He wondered what society had overlooked for all diseases to become chronic. “When does a disease become chronic by definition? When there has been no response to the doctor’s therapy for three months or longer. How can a doctor treat something that is chronic with the same drugs? He does not treat; he maintains the disease. That is a fact. No one can deny it. But people are increasingly seeing that the emperor is naked. What kind of public health is it when there are practically no healthy people left? What is wrong here? Let’s think again and take action. As it is now, it is not right!” warns Ogorevc.

Readers of Demokracija should also be informed that Ogorevc returned from the USA just a few hours before the recording of the marathon talk show on Nova24TV. He was in the USA with his wife, successfully expanding their business, as we announced in the previous segment. This expansion is the result of the successful treatment of American para-athlete Rod Hutchins. As we know, after many years of numerous diagnoses and severe pain, Rod Hutchins is now living a normal life, all thanks to their therapy, which he received twice daily for just four days. Ogorevc stated that some people call it a miracle, but he knows that it is a “result of knowledge”. He also highlighted the attitude of American doctors towards naturopaths, saying, “There, they say thank you for helping us heal people, but here, they consider us charlatans.”

Igor Ogorevc and his wife are successfully expanding their business in the USA. The fruit of this is the successful treatment of American paratrooper Rod Hutchins. (Photo: archive Igor Ogorevc)

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