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Soška Forestry Tolmin: specially trained to work in hard-to-reach areas

By: Lea Kalc Furlanič

In the company Soško Forestry Tolmin (SGG) they carry out woodcutting and storage of wood in state, municipal, agrarian, and private forests. They are specially trained to work with cable cars in hard-to-reach areas.

At SGG, they are trained for woodcutting in a wide variety of terrain conditions, for rehabilitating damaged and fallen trees after natural disasters, and also for sawing and removing trees in cities. They carry out all types of wood harvesting from the forest to the truck road. They are especially qualified to work with cable cars in hard-to-reach areas.

Storage with cable cars

The company SGG is the leading company in Slovenia and the wider area in storing wood on the most demanding terrains with forest cable cars.

The beginnings of the development of forestry ropeways date back to the 1930s. SGG has developed technologically and organisationally into a leading company capable of mastering the latest technology. Modern technology enables better working conditions and safer work. In addition to the transportation of material by cable cars, they also design the forest cable cars themselves.

Purchase of wood on the stump

In cases where the owner of the forest does not have the possibility to cut and harvest the wood himself, SGG can perform this service for him. In the planning phase, the wishes of the forest owners are considered as much as possible. They also buy forest wood assortments of all domestic tree species according to valid quality standards, which are prepared by the forest owners themselves on the truck road.

Forest railways, sawmill, wood sales

In many cases, it happens that the accessibility of plots and thus the accessibility of wood is a very big problem. With the help of construction mechanisation in such cases, SGG can also build a forest road or a railway. They also have a sawmill, processing wood exclusively from the surrounding forests. And last but not least, they sell wood assortments of all tree species, quality classes and dimensions. They also organise transport from the truck road or warehouse.

The company SGG has a rich tradition, it was founded in 1947. Today, the company SGG Tolmin, Ltd., employed 119 employees. The company is based in Ajdovščina, where the vehicle service, logistics and primary wood processing units can also perform this service for it.



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