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Friday, December 8, 2023

What COVID-19, the problem is the Church!

by Gašper Blažič

One cannot just believe what all the paper brings. Or an internet site. This may be proof that COVID-19 is more dangerous than we previously thought. More dangerous especially for the brain. And apparently the number of (brain) infected is much higher.

I have recently noticed a video on one of the “insurgent” pages on Facebook, when someone had apparently been filming a priest who came from the sacristy to the open air and distributed communion to people in one of Ljubljana’s parishes. Of course, they approached him one by one. This, however, was enough to make the author of the video angry at the Church, which allegedly does not respect the measures and contributes to the spread of infections.

Well, it all becomes almost comical when I say that the author of the commentary on the clip is none other than the notorious “insurgent” Anis Ličina. And with this there is no end to the gloating of the alleged disregard for the prohibition of religious ceremonies – Alenka Bratušek also added to this by posting a photo of a priest sharing communion in the parking lot. And of course she talked about the “supra-coalition party RKC”. Moreover, Slovenske novice pompously published photos and comments, and people’s anger quickly erupted. As if to say that schools are closed, young athletes cannot train, and meanwhile masses can be performed without interruption!

Quite comical, considering that the same comrade has only recently criticised for her much too strict government measures. Well, apparently she was purposely listening with half an ear when it was said that masses can be performed without the presence of people, whereas the sacraments can be shared individually. However, it is also true that the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference, with a month delay, highlighted the constitutionality of the contentiousness of the restriction of religious freedom. In fact, they should have done this much earlier, as soon as there was public talk of banning religious ceremonies, which according to the law means that masses should not be held even without the presence of people.

The communist regime did not allow itself such a thing in the period between 1945 and 1990, and here both sides, the government and the church, should have acted differently. Because if the left is now offering us a new prime minister, Karl Erjavec, only God can save us.

Gašper Blažič is a journalist of the magazine Demokracija.


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