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Truth killers called “necenzurirano.si”

By: Dr. Vinko Gorenak

The web portal “necenzurirano.si” was created two or three years ago in a similar way as my website “vinko.gorenak.net” in 2008. Nothing special, I pay around 130 euros for this website out of my own pocket every year and that is that. And you can simply read what I write for free on my website. A rather similar situation is on the website “necenzurirano.si”. This website is supposedly financed (the information is very accurate) by the media tycoon and convicted criminal Martin Odlazek. He is the owner of Dnevnik, Večer, Svet 24, Mladina, Reporter, and many other local media.

But in the case of “necenzurirano.si”, of course, it is not something comparable to my website “vinko.gorenak.net”. Of course not. My website is followed by more than 16,000 followers, and the website “necenzurirano.si” (data from the same day on September 13th, 2021) by 7,700 followers.

Let me add a question for readers of this text. Have you ever heard or seen a question on (MMC RTV, POP TV, Svet on channel A, Delo, Dnevnik or Večer) in which they would refer to the reporting on my website “vinko.gorenak.net”? I have never seen anything like it myself. However, almost every day in the same media you receive reporting in style, “necenzurirano.si” reports that….

If “necenzurirano.si” is referred to by private media such as POP TV, Svet on channel A, Delo, Dnevnik or Večer, I must not be critical, they can just lie. However, when it is followed by MMC RTV, all alarms must be turned on, because in this case it is national TV, which is paid for by all citizens.

Let’s return to the web portal “necenzurirano.si”. From the officially available information Primož Cirman, Vesna Vukovič, Tomaž Modic write for this media. Perhaps also someone else who call themselves investigative journalists, and I call them the killers of truth and extreme left wing political propagandists. They wrote the following to us on September 6th, 2021:

Given the left wing political orientation of the current pope, I thought for a moment that this might even be true. But the Vatican’s official website said something completely different, namely that the pope would meet with their president and prime minister, Viktor Orban, in Budapest on September 12th, 2021.

And I’ll be darned. Truth always wins and it won in this case as well. The media reported today that: “Pope Francis arrived in Hungary and met with Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest.” Foreign agencies (ANSA) report that the pope said after the conversation that he and Orban had a pleasant conversation about the environment and family.

What about “necenzurirano.si”? Nothing about them reporting falsely, no apology is seen. They only publish new and new lies.

Source: vinkogorenak.net

Dr Vinko Gorenak is a State Secretary in the PV Cabinet, a former Member of Parliament and Minister of the Interior, a university professor and a member of the SDS.


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