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The tail of a seahorse and common sense as a dark skill

by Jože Biščak

The hippocampus could be defined as a sorting of memory in humans. An organ resembling the curved tail of a seahorse (hence the name) makes a selection and is in charge of what will be stored in long-term memory. But for some, the socialist virus has severely damaged the hippocampus, otherwise they would remember how the left-wing elite chanted in April 2013 in the Stožice hall that the European Union was a gang of thieves. It was a time of orgasmic celebration of a soft coup and the enthronement of Alenka Bratušek as Prime Minister. The mockery of “core” states and the rule of law has reached its peak in a decade.

The left is particularly prone to quick forgetting. These can be serious health problems that would make individuals worthy of mercy. But more than not, it seems to be about corruption: duplicity and double standards. Janez Janša’s letter to European leaders revealed this again. One would think for a moment that they all went to special schools where they jump into an empty pool. Again, it seemed to them that there was water in the pool. Maybe it really was, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel emptied the pool by stating that Janša’s letter was a call to find a compromise to unblock the funds for the post-corona reconstruction. It is quite clear that the rule of law, what is in line with the rule of law and what is not, and whether someone has broken the law and is therefore guilty, should not be decided by politics by over voting. We well remember how Janša was deprived of his mandate by politics in 2014, but later this abuse was eliminated by the Constitutional Court. No one was responsible for her, especially Milan Berglez, who is among the loudest today. Not even politically.

The highest peaks of the EU, where they are unfortunately completely infected with the politics of (crippled) liberal democracy, are disturbed by the conservative policies of Hungary and Poland. Mateusz Morawiecki and Viktor Orban do not agree to replace the conservative orientation with which they honestly won the elections with progressivism. Which is not to say that they are acting contrary to the rule of law. However, it is true that their policy is not in line with the expectations of people like Tanja Tajon in Slovenia, who is convinced that everything that is not her worldview is contrary to the rule of law. And she believes that her selfish ideological goals, driven by a sense of power, justify the most discarded means and lies.

The Prime Minister wrote about this. Europe clearly understood, left-wing opposition leaders, their activists, wannabe intellectuals and the media mainstream fell silent rather quickly after a cold shower and landed hard. It was not sobering when a political pragmatist opted for a temporary withdrawal because he had lost all credibility with haste. Apparently the jump into the empty pool inflicted such new wounds on them that the water now appears to them like a mirage in the desert. Especially to Jože P. Damijan, who does not know how to explain his mathematics in gaining support among MPs. At first he said he had everything in order, now he advertises a pious desire to have enough votes around Christmas to overthrow the center-right government. But it is obvious that he has serious problems both with himself and with others, otherwise the extremely left-wing Mladina, which is unconditionally in favour of him, would not call for prayer. And when lovers of socialism seek help from the most holy, something is certainly not right with them.

They expect us to follow them blindly and be silent. Common sense really went out of fashion in 2008 when they fabricated the Patria affair. Some of us (for the progressive) still retained this dark, medieval skill. We use it every time the left and the media mainstream offer us new faces as saviours. The scale of abilities of their candidates is lower every time, with Jože P. Damijan it seems to be completely on the ground. One begins to doubt the intellectual abilities of the masters of the deep state, who have so far always proved themselves with subtle malice. He wonders where the hell they found such a substandard type for whom we rightly doubt could perform the function even after part-time work.

Jože Biščak, editor-in-chief of Demokracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists. 


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