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The Slovenian Army is the guarantor of our statehood

by Bogdan Sajovic

Janša’s government announced the other day, that it will in the next ten years allocate 780 million euros for the modernization of the army. About time! But beware, the leftists of fifty shades of red unanimously proclaimed that this is fascism or something similar.

Militarization of the state instead of allocation of the money to healthcare and culture and similar babbling. Well, the reaction of the reds is understandable; firstly, if the money went to healthcare, it could be collected by the red pests nested there, and secondly, the Bolsheviks would get an epileptic seizure if they heard about the Slovenian Army, which destroyed their beloved Yugoslav People’s Army. Well, there is a third reason, the army is one of the main guarantor of statehood, and for the left, the Slovenian state has never been an intimate option; they tolerate it conditionally when they are in power, but somehow it is not the real deal, their hearts are still crying for the Southern homeland.

Thus it is not surprising that they are doing everything to reduce the Slovenian Army as much as possible, or even better, to eliminate it. The military, not the Ministry, to be clear, because there are hundreds of – civilian – red parasites grazing in the Ministry. The attitude of the leftists towards the Slovenian Army can be seen in the choice of ministers. For healthcare, culture or social issues, for example, it is essential to choose an expert; for the Slovenian Army on the other hand, in left-wing governments, anyone who has five minutes of time and is a total ignorant will do, for example a declared pacifist. Thus it is clear why our military gets negative combat readiness ratings. In ancient Rome, anyone embarking on a political career had to spend at least a minimum of two years in the army, how else would he as a senator decide on war or peace and as a senior magistrate give the army orders, instructions and guidelines?

Rome existed for a thousand years until they enthroned the ignorants who neglected the army and the empire collapsed. History teaches us that if we want to preserve Slovenia, we need a strong army, and this can only be achieved if we get rid of leftists, ignorants, Yugonostalgics and similar pests…

Bogdan Sajovic is a journalist of the magazine Demokracija.


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