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The old danger of the new communism: How easy it is to destroy democracy was shown as early as 1945

By: Gregor Preac

German workers or “our migrant workers” came to the Adriatic in a Mercedes and spent the summer in a hotel, while our socialist worker got on a bus, a “fičko” car, a “stoenka” car, and camped or fried in a trailer. But the worker celebrated Tito, the revolution, the Party and socialism. Of course, the socialist worker was a higher-developed spiritual being who cared not for material goods but for the good of the community, social responsibility, the victory of socialism.

“The hostile capitalism is the fault for the final collapse of dictatorship, crimes, anomalies and stupidity, scarcity, and poverty” the SD and the Levica parties are still telling us. For them, national sport is still a search for an external and internal enemy! These are Orbán, Janša, Thompson, patriotism!

Luka Mesec stated at the recent 4th Congress of the Levica party in Sežana: “We are aware that we are opposing forces that are currently stronger than us, which are dragging us into a bleak future. We know that, but we are not afraid.” (Luka knows everything. Luka is fearless. According to the free-thinking of one-party socialism, he feels a terrible dictatorship today! He will take us from the dark future to the bright past.)

How it is possible to destroy democracy was shown as early as 1945

They will compete for the golden speech in 2021 with Tanja Fajon, who shines similarly rhetorically: “We know what we do not want. Now it is the time to say what we want and how we will achieve it together. Because I believe that together we can create opportunities for the good life of all of us. The best Slovenia!” Well, finally tell us, we are looking forward to it. And this is supposedly a journalist, a correspondent for RTV SLO, an MEP, how illiterate, and without any sense. How damn empty and stupid. After 45 years of socialism. SD was a member of as many as eight Slovenian governments: second, third, sixth, seventh, ninth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth; endless opportunities to create a better life. As if listening to a speech from the 7th plenum of the ZKS Central Committee. Did she copy from France Popit, Pepca Kardelj or from Miha Marinko? There, the famous Detective Kojak, among 1000 delegates and guests, immediately discovered a hidden enemy. How? Despite the total boredom of Tanja Fajon, the epic drowsiness of the party plenums, the enemy never sleeps.

There is also “frozen in SD (and nipped by frost)” President Pahor, who acts as a puppet in the shop window of the socialist lingerie store with a cheap smile of expressionlessness behind never washed glass. Empty, empty, empty. The Slovenian left is paranoid, psychopathic, chauvinistic, racist, anti-Semitic, non-plural, therefore undemocratic, violent, very close to Nazism and fascism. It revives kolkhozism, self-management. They would nationalise the economy, even though the SD gathers the most suspicious tycoons who have emerged overnight? They support the robbery and arson of the BLM, Antifa, violent Islam, terrorist Hamas, Chávez-Maduro’s socialist dictatorship in Venezuela, and at rallies with the son of Supreme State Prosecutor Hinko Jenull they are shouting, “The streets are ours! Everyone to the streets!” As soon as “ours” do not win, they demand preliminary elections. And what if “ours” do not win again?

Should we be worried? Will they take our streets, smash shop windows, rob stores, burn books? (It would be better for these idlers to become garbage collectors, roadmen!) Should large and family businesses, property owners, entrepreneurs, investors worry? Should the latter actively financially support non-KUL parties and their media?

Is KUL not becoming a hostage of neo-communists and anarchists, thus of SD and the Levica? Will the SD and the Levica deal with Šarec’s LMŠ and SAB of Alenka Bratušek, as the Party in OF did with the liberal and patriotic Južni Sokol and Kocbek’s Christian Socialists, so use them, exploit them, discard them, destroy them? How easy it is to destroy a parliamentary party, they showed with the DeSUS party! How easy democracy can be destroyed was shown in 1945. We proved how difficult it is to destroy a nation in 1991, but we thought it was enough and fell asleep.


If Orbán’s Hungary buys oil and other companies, banks, terminals, media in Croatia, Slovenia and elsewhere, it can only be because Hungary is more economically successful with Orbán than Slovenia’s left wing governments, and has a clear geopolitical and national vision and strategy. Otherwise it would be the other way around.

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer, and traveller.


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