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Friday, March 31, 2023

The gang and the bandits and the threat to the development path of Slovenia and democracy also in the form of left fascism

By: Davorin Kopše

We live in unusual times, which in some parts enter the field of abnormality, but often it is also about stupidity and violence. They are working to bring about a complete stalemate in democracy, to stop maintaining peace at home and in the European Union, economic development and a dignified human life from birth to death. The KUL opposition comes with a fundamental point of its intentions, and these are exclusion and isolation. When they say integration, they mean strengthening the coalition of hatred.

The events in the country prove that the Prime Minister and President of the SDS Janez Janša is right in his statement that in the next elections a decision will be made between constitutional democracy and left fascism and between the development direction of the government and vice versa, as promised by appetites from the oppositional left politics. Already the last election campaign was based on the question of whether you will go into government with Janša, which was a suggestion for denial. In the run-up to the next election, which is already underway, things are getting worse in this way.

In a parliamentary constitutional democracy, the rule is to be elected or to elect the representatives through whom power is formed. This is the way to assert your political will in a democratic way. The undemocratic exercise of their political arbitrariness is in the genes of left fascists, who gather in the streets and proclaim some kind of people’s assembly, and at their rallies they shout that they are the people. They are not the people, they are part of the people like everyone else and nothing more. Unfortunately, they are the worse part that causes damage. Democracy knows no more equals than others, and that is exactly what left fascists want to be.

A gang stormed the RTV building

For the whole summer, a group called the Movement of Aware People of Slovenia (OPS), led by Ladislav Troha, stayed in front of RTV Slovenia. There they set up their sound system and “made” passers-by “aware” that science was wrong, that the Sars cov-2 virus did not exist, and similar nebulae. According to them, during testing, nano-graphene oxide antennas are inserted into our bodies, with the help of which we become people of the internet of bodies. These claims, of course, do not fall into serious debate, but should be used as a starting point to show who we are dealing with.

They had a permit from the Ljubljana administrative unit for the entire period of their collection at the Kolodvorska in Ljubljana. As public order and peace were often violated, the police called on the administrative unit to revoke the permit, but this did not happen, as the proposal or call of the police was insufficiently substantiated. Last Friday night, the group broke into the RTV building, which they did without official permission, but… there are more and more hints that they had at least a guide, as the way to the studio, where they managed to get, is quite complicated in the big building.

In view of the above, we can safely say that OPS is an organised group of people who have carried out an illegal, illicit activity. This undoubtedly fits the definition of a gang. This gang entered the building, walked past the security service, jumped over the revolving locks, and went directly to the studio for broadcasting the news programme. Damn me if I could just find a studio in such a hurry.

While public television constantly reports in support of the protests of Jenull’s bandits, this time they called the police. Before that, they reported if protesters had caused any incident. The police responded, of course. Several police officers in equipment to intervene against the crowd entered the room. The chief of police officers asked, be careful, he asked the gang to leave the room, which they did not comply with. However, when the police started the operation to remove the intruders after a few minutes of arguing, they laid down on the ground and tried to prevent the removal by passive resistance.

However, the police managed to remove Troha’s gang of intruders from the building. There, they then urged them to disperse, which they again ignored. The police listed or wanted to list the most ardent protestors, but some did not have the documents and others did not want to show them. Troha repeatedly told them that they knew him. In the end, he really did not have to show the documents. The officers contented themselves with his statement of identity. He is indeed a known violator and the police undoubtedly know him, but I am not sure that this relieves him of his legal obligation to have the documents with him and, at the request of an official, like everyone else, has to show them.

The prediction that the trend will continue with unchanged other influences on developments is less and less risky. Undoubtedly, after the occupation of the studio on Television Slovenia, we can expect at least attempts to break into other buildings as well. If we look through the memory, in fact, protesters have recently tried to force their way into the National Assembly. They have also already broken in in RTV (Troha) and faculties (Kordiš). Troha was rewarded with election to the National Assembly. Troha is still waiting a bit.

Courage in attempting to invade the National Assembly was also drawn from the fact that they were able to harass MPs at that time. We remember that in addition to verbal attacks, they were also poured on with water and coffee and that they spat at one of the MPs. The police claim that they have no basis for action in these cases and have sent the spited on, poured with water and others to the police station, where reports can be made.

The legislation of surprises should be overhauled

We have the Public Gatherings Act, which stipulates that the police are ex officio obliged to maintain public order at public gatherings, demonstrations and international sporting events. The law also states that the police are obliged to do so even during unorganised rallies. The law also stipulates that the rally must be interrupted if criminal offenses or calls for execution are committed and in the event of violence or general disorder. When the above reasons occur, the organiser must end the rally, if not then the police.

The mere fact that the police are obliged to guard a rally that is not registered and does not have an official organiser seems rather strange. In this case, the police take over part of the role of organiser. It is true that in Slovenia the right to public assembly and protests is a constitutional category. Namely, Article 42 of the Constitution states:

  • The right to peaceful assembly and to public gatherings is guaranteed.
  • Everyone has the right to associate freely with others.
  • Legal restrictions on these rights are permissible if required by national or public security and protection against the spread of communicable diseases.

Despite the above, the already mentioned law stipulates that the administrative unit issues a permit for the assembly. If a permit has not been issued, the police ask the leader to end the rally. If this is not taken into account, the police themselves end the rally. Nowhere does it say that the police can do that, which means they have to. The Constitution therefore stipulates that we have the right to assemble, gather and protest, but under certain conditions. Unfortunately, we find that neither the organisers and participants nor the police take full account of this.

Bandits close traffic

I call Jenull’s Friday protesters bandits. Bandits are by definition unruly, low-value offensive people. And what have the protesters been doing for 72 weeks? They are attacking a democratically elected government and thus democracy, they are relentless and cannot be tamed even by the police. Since they have been disturbing the peaceful life of the citizens of Ljubljana for more than a year and a half, we can calmly assign them a low value, which in other words is of little value. I do not want to say worthless because they are people after all.

In the past, it has happened several times that these bandits have invaded traffic areas and thus stopped traffic. During the summer, most of these left-fascist-oriented caviar socialists were on their yachts, boats and weekend houses at sea, so they remained in small numbers on Prešeren Square and Republic Square, where road traffic does not take place. At the end of the summer, just the right number of them returned from the holidays to march through the traffic areas again and shout “the streets are ours”.

In these cases, the police may order temporary measures to regulate traffic, but may also request from the manager to suspend the event. Provisional measures shall remain in force until it is established that the reasons for the suspension and dissolution of the event have arisen. Law: Participants in a rally or event or an unorganised rally that has been ended must disperse peacefully. If the participants do not disperse, the police disperse them. So far there are none.

Dispersed certainly does not mean that a lone police officer calls them on a megaphone to disperse, without even being heard, as the protesters have a louder sound system, and often shout in order to overpower the police officer. All of this points to the deliberate demolition of the rule of law, as they deliberately disobey the law. Of course, I have only summarised the provisions of the law for the purposes of this column.

Organiser of Friday’s defences of left fascism

Jenull’s bandits are supposedly not organised and they supposedly do not have a leader. After 72 weeks, even those with slow thinking have found that these protests are convened and organised by the same person with a few assistants, that they are performed and directed by the same person, and that more or less the same people come to these protests. Jenull convenes protests via social media, by calling and pasting posters and scattering leaflets. These appear all over Ljubljana and elsewhere, and it has already happened in the Triglav National Park. Is that not enough to figure out who is behind all this? Hey, Jenull is the organiser!

On Fridays, the bandits protest and run a circus against the fascists and neo-Nazis, whom they are constantly inventing. Unable to condemn all totalitarianisms, they become increasingly nervous and violent. And what is most worrying; their attitude is increasingly fascist. Jenull’s bandits, with all their satellites, are becoming more and more what they blame others to be – fascists, left fascists. In this way, Winston Churchill’s long-held assertion that the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists is confirmed before our eyes.


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