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The biggest migrations in history?

By: Gregor Preac

Tourism and terrorism are combining. Tourism is a target of terrorists, attacked foreigners are a global promotion of terrorist groups. But we also have terrorism of tourism as well as tourism of terrorism. They have spread with globalisation, with falling borders, opening the way, and with false morality. Terrorism of tourism is moving from the Western world to the Third World, and tourism of terrorism from the Third World to the West.

Sex tourism is certainly terrorism of tourism, especially paedophilia. Tourism contributes about 8 percent of greenhouse gases. It further increases the destruction of forests, pollution and water consumption, the building of the sea shore, lake shores… For the first time, the number of tourists reached one billion travellers in 2012, especially after the rise of China, Brazil and Russia.

Terrorism, however, has been tied almost exclusively to Islam for the past decade; in the period 1970–2019 170,000 terrorist acts; in 2019 13,826 dead, damage 22.4 billion euros. Tourism of terrorism, terrorism and anti-Semitism have flared up in the EU with the arrival of 2.5 million migrants from Africa and Asia. 80 percent of migration is fraud connected with mafia, the Islamic agenda, the rescue of social in pre-industrial totalitarian of Islamic states impoverished by the ignorance and violence of medieval Islam. Mass migrations from Islam to the EU are social tourism!

With the covid-19 pandemic, tourism experienced the biggest drop in history in 2020: 74 percent; it is expected to recover again in 2022/23. The countries of the Maghreb or North Africa, where the lion’s share of illegal migrants come from, have the largest drop in tourism revenues. Egypt is expected to be in 2020 by reducing traffic in the Suez Canal, in tourism, in sending money of Egyptian workers abroad at a fifth of all revenues, tourism alone brought in 15 billion euros less. Morocco’s tourism accounts for 6.4 percent of GDP, with six billion euros lost in 2020. Oil revenues in Libya and elsewhere are also much lower.

The third world, such as Thailand, has only now been hit hard by the pandemic, and vaccination in the third world is even slower than in Europe. The social picture there is very bad, as shown by the huge riots in South Africa, where the robbery of supermarkets has completely paralysed the country, supplies, there is hunger, of course there will be no tourism for a long time. There are riots in Cuba. How will Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and further south cope with an impoverished population, a crippled economy?

Is the Brussels bureaucracy ready for a post-corona period of major migrations from the further impoverished Islamic world? It seems that the EU is not even ready for the post-corona period of Europeans themselves! In Germany, the number of people who have no cash in their bank accounts and live from day to day has grown from 45 percent to 56 percent! The floods add to the chaos, poverty, helplessness, apathy and then anger! With all this, the outgoing Merkel’s Germany spends 20 billion euros a year to maintain 1.5 million migrants!

At the same time, well-known American independent financial experts Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser and others, with the huge printing or electronic creation of money and the consequent American inflation of 5.4 percent, the highest in the last 13 years, predict a major financial crisis in the autumn of this year and at the latest in 2022.

If it explodes again in socialist Algeria, half a million Algerians will flee to France! It may be similar with Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Maghreb, the Balkan, and with the heavily indebted Turkey; Erdogan’s regime barely keeps the Turkish lira above water. So can we expect a new large-scale mass migration from Islam to the EU, a new mass social tourism and tourism of terrorism by the spring of 2022 at the latest?

Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, get ready for a new invasion! As well as the invasion of Ukraine and Belarus, if the EU continues to dig into them! Will the world see the largest migration of nations in its history after the pandemic? If the Western world wants to survive and preserve knowledge, invention, order, freedom, entrepreneurship, it will have to learn that globalisation also has pandemics and that mass migrations are not philanthropy but chaos, ghettos, crime, ruin, regression, destruction!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and traveller.


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