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Friday, September 22, 2023

Syrian tried to illegally get his relatives across the border

By: P.T.,STA

At 19.00, police officers in Škofija stopped a car driven by a 27-year-old Algerian citizen with a temporary residence in Slovenia. There were three other Pakistani nationals in the vehicle, with a residence permit in Italy. The citizens of Pakistan were rejected because they did not have the appropriate travel documents and the driver was issued a payment order under the ZNB.

Illegal migration

At the MP Sočerga – entry into Slovenia, the police stopped a 24-year-old Syrian citizen, an asylum seeker in Germany, and at the same time they tracked down a family of five Syrian citizens in Rakitovec. They found a kinship connection between them. It was established that the driver took them to the Croatian-Slovenian border, then they crossed the border illegally on foot (March 8th in the afternoon), and on the Slovenian side he intended to pick them up again with a vehicle with German registration. The driver is being treated for an offense under paragraph 1, Article 146 in conjunction with paragraph 1, Article 15 of ZTuj-2 (assistance in illegal crossing of the state border), and the family of Syrian citizens has applied for international protection.

Source: PU Koper


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