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Shameless silence

By: Dr. Vinko Gorenak

It is unbelievable how the dominant left wing media, including public television, which we all pay for, lie and mislead you. Of course, the media can be left or right oriented, there is nothing wrong with that anywhere in the developed world, especially if they are privately owned. However, this is by no means the case for the public media, which we all fund. In our country, of course, this is RTV Slovenia. In no case should it report biasedly on the far left, which it is doing. RTV should be politically completely neutral.

There are many examples on this topic, so it is not surprising that the Prime Minister Janez Janša sent a letter to the European Commission asking for a visit of an independent expert commission to Slovenia on this topic, namely the independence of our media and alleged attacks on journalists. Well who would not look forward to the visit of such a commission. At Janša’s letter, only those who are allegedly attacked in the media are complaining. Understand who can. Below, however, let’s take a look at just two examples of extremely biased reporting by left wing dominant media.

The first example is the case of Tomaž Vesel, President of the Court of Audit. It is about a functionary. I was a functionary in the past from 2000 to 2018, and again from 2019. Functionaries are strictly bound by permits for additional activity outside the service and, of course, by reports to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption on our financial situation. Tomaž Vesel did not follow these rules. Without any permission, he worked with FIFA (International Football Organisation), where he earned a million euros in four years. Can you imagine, as a minister, I earned around 60,000 euros gross in 2012, and he received around 250,000 euros a year in addition to his regular salary. And this in violation of the rules according to which he should have a license to perform activities in addition to the service. I myself have always had this kind of employer permit from 2000 to 2018, when I lectured at the Faculty of Security Sciences, even if I only earned a few 100 euros a year. And what do our dominant media report about one of the biggest financial scandals and abuses? Nothing. You could read or hear about this in Demokracija or on Nova 24TV. Good thing we have them.

Let’s take a look at the second example. On his portal yesterday, Bojan Požar revealed something that none of the journalists of the dominant left media has ever revealed before. What is it about. Article 288 of the Criminal Code of Slovenia reads as follows:

A judge who in conducting court proceedings or issuing a court decision knowingly violates the law or distorts the law in order to harm or unduly favour the party in the proceedings is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years. The same penalty shall be imposed on a judge who, for the purpose referred to in the preceding paragraph of this Article, bases a court decision on facts which s/he knows do not exist or are wrongly supported by false or inadmissible evidence.

I believe you did not know this legal provision. This is also understandable, as this statutory provision is an “ornament” in our Penal Code that has never been used in case law. And in my opinion, it was this Article that was violated by the constitutional judge Rok Čeferin.

First-year students of any law school already know that a judge who has decided a case at a certain level cannot and should not be a judge at a higher instance who would decide his or her court decision at a lower level. It is a kind of “mortal sin” that a judge can commit. And that is exactly what happened to Constitutional Court Judge Rok Čeferin. He was the reporter in the case of Peter Kodrič, who appealed to the Constitutional Court because he did not become a lawyer years ago, which was decided by Rok Čeferin. In my opinion, this is a criminal offense under the aforementioned Article 288 of the Criminal Code.

And what do you know about that. Probably nothing, as the dominant left wing media report nothing about this at all.

However, the question remains as to what will be done by those bodies responsible for appointing the President of the Court of Audit and a member of the Constitutional Court. And more importantly, why is this not reported by the left wing dominant media. Well, you already know the answer to this question.

Dr. Vinko Gorenak is State Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.

Source: vinkogorenak.net


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