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Polexit rumours completely absurd

By: V4 Agency

“The veto is a completely legitimate aspect of the talks”, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has said. He described the rumours about Polexit as completely absurd and, at times, even hysterical, adding that they are entirely baseless.

Poland’s veto regarding the EU’s next budget has been viewed by many as yet another step by the country towards exiting the bloc, but Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau has rejected the idea.

“Polexit is a completely absurd idea”, the foreign minister said, adding that there are no substantial political groups in Poland who would truly consider the country’s exit as an possibility.

He said “we saw an emotionally overwhelmed, at times hysterical raction from the opposition” regarding Poland’s veto, but he also stressed that Poland’s veto wasn’t at all as scandalous as many would like to portray it.

“The veto is a completely legitimate aspect of the talks and the EU procedures”, the foreign minister said. Mr Rau likened countries’ right to veto to an emergency brake on trains, stressing that in the current situation – when there are efforts to implement a new budgetary machanism by circumventing certain laws – it could come in handy for the sake of the EU’s general well-being.


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