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PM Orban: Europe has not surrendered

By: V4 Agency

“At the last minute, European governments came to their senses,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote in his response to a recent article by George Soros. Mr Orban announced that the stock market speculator lost, and Europe retained its unity.

“George Soros is shedding crocodile tears. Although this does not return the money the speculator took away from millions of people, families and businesses, it does provide some modest satisfaction,” Viktor Orban wrote, in response to the stock speculator’s article criticising the budget compromise.

Soros György felháborodott

George Soros loses cool

US stock market speculator George Soros has published a new article on Project Syndicate, the portal known as his mouthpiece,…

Mr Orban pointed out that Europe had not surrendered to the speculator and that his “grandiose plan” had been suspended by the European Council. He also explained that, despite the controversy, EU funds have always been kept under close scrutiny, and that the current clash was more about who would rule Europe in the future. For this positions member states will have to compete with the power structure Soros wants to build, PM Orban wrote.

“A network of NGOs disseminating liberal, post-national and post-Christian ideas, along with the mainstream left-wing and right-wing media conveying and reinforcing their ideas; a significant group of MEPs; the Soros envoys brought to the Commission; and a so-called rule of law mechanism linking them all together.”

Hungary’s prime minister also provided a specific analysis of the plan. “A Soros financial center funding thousands of NGOs, research institutes, analytical workshops and activists who influence the direction of mainstream media. It buys up and links a critical mass of MEPs and puts the people who work for him in key positions at the Commission, such as Timmermans and Jourova. Finally, they push through a piece of legislation that sets political preconditions – gender, migration, an open society, liberal democracy – for member states to have access to EU funds,” he said.

At the last minute, European governments came to their senses, Viktor Orban wrote. They read the country reports on the rule of law, which George Soros and Frans Timmermans dictated to Ms Jourova, he added. “Suddenly, everyone understood that the verdict had already been handed down before the trial and that other trials would take place after Hungary and Poland”, he declared.

“George Soros lost,” the prime minister concluded but warned about another attack being prepared, which would focus on migration and gender issues. “It’s high time to put an end to George Soros’s European joy ride,” PM Orban concluded.


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