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(PHOTO) The Supreme State Prosecutor is ignoring those who died due to the Chinese virus – to the Maribor store without a mask!

By: Peter T.

In the Tuš store in Maribor, a reader of Demokracija noticed a man without a mask. When he took a closer look, he could not believe it. “I saw that it was retired Chief Prosecutor Andrej Ferlinc. It is not surprising that the judiciary is boycotting the government’s measures and that is why there is an increase in infections again,” he added.

In the Maribor store Tuš, a reader of Demokracija noticed the retired Supreme State Prosecutor Andrej Ferlinc. He was without a mask, although masks in Tuš stores are mandatory.

Ferlinc is known from the Patria case. At a staged political trial in which the then opposition leader and current Prime Minister Janez Janša was convicted, the prosecution built the indictment on a construct that Janša supposedly received a promise of a reward in an unknown place at an unknown time in an unknown communication manner. This was later recognised by the Constitutional Court as a serious violation of human rights.

Ferlinc is also known for walking around Maribor with the infamous painter Jure Cekuta. This would not have been unusual if Cekuta had not been convicted on the first degree in the Patria II case and prosecuted by Ferlinc.

Apparently, Ferlin is continuing his fight against Janša by boycotting the measures taken by the centre-right government. Given that he is still considered an “authority” in the Slovenian judiciary, it also reflects the general mood of the judicial swamp in Slovenia.


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