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Love affair gone wrong between a charity boss and a migrant in Calais

by A.S.

The Sun has recently reported about a love affair gone wrong in the Calais migrant camps, also known as the Calais Jungle.  A charity boss and founder of Care4Calais, Clare Moseley, 46 years old, fell for the 27-years-old Tunisian Mohamed Bajjar. She has since stepped back from her role as the affair became public when her »lover« tried to burn down her organisation´s HQ.

While she was having an affair with the younger migrant, she publicly boasted about her charity’s zero-tolerance policy on sex with migrants. Bajjar was pretending to be Syrian at the time, so he could sneak into Britain.

But now reports have emerged that earlier this month Bajjar broke into the Care4Calais warehouse in northern France and poured petrol around the building in an apparent act of revenge after their relationship ended. It was reported that before trying to burn the charity´s HQ, we texted a friend: »I will just end up killing her and taking her life easy. I’m really ready to do it because I love her more than anything in the world. «

Morgan Schuppe, 29, whose family owns the warehouse told the newspaper: “He was shouting about how he was going to set the warehouse on fire. He said he wanted to “kill everyone” associated with the charity, and he was particularly angry with Clare.

Bajjar was reportedly thwarted in his attempts to set the building alight and was arrested by French police on June 14.

Source: The Sun


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