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Lost in their own backyard

By: Jože Biščak

While the hegemonic media, their journalists and editors, left wing politicians and activists are on the lookout for any report by European institutions and organisations that is detrimental to the current center-right government and then shoot poison arrows for days on end, they have (deliberately) ignored Europol’s report for 2020.

Analysts from the EU Agency for Cooperation in the Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Crime on Terrorism in EU Member States wrote that far-left (anarchist) groups were responsible for 25 of the 57 detected or prevented terrorist acts. It is only strange that Slovenia is not mentioned. According to Europol, attacks on government property and staff are also considered terrorist acts. There was a lot of that during the term of this government. It is obvious that the Slovenian representatives in Europol are not doing their job as they should. This can be very dangerous, as right wing politicians who are critical of the opposite (left) option are potential targets of far-leftists.

The attack of Tea Jarc (and “her” group) on Janez Janša and Aleš Hojs a few days ago on Kredarica could therefore be classified as a terrorist attack according to Europol’s methodology (Friday’s “visitations” of political party addresses also falls into this category). The left wing opposition may also be aware of this, so with the session of the parliamentary commission for the control of intelligence and security services (Knovs) they wanted to divert attention to the alleged expansion of far-right groups in Slovenia (Europol detected only four attacks by far-right groups last year) which are supposed to be related to the work of the governing policy. All in all, it was like being in a parallel world; the alleged rise of “neo-Nazism” (National Socialism) was pointed out by members of the SD (based in the villa of the Moskovič family, whose property was confiscated by the National Socialists, and then by the Communists), Tanja Fajon’s blood and ideological ancestors. But it was even more bizarre when right wing extremism was commented on by people like Erik Valenčič, who was presented as an “investigative journalist”, even though he was in fact a sympathizer of jihadist terrorists.

“Campaign against the coalition of hatred”

Common sense has completely failed, and the mainstream media have provided the public with left wing catechesis, which depends on the motivating forces of anger and hatred of the right, especially the SDS and Janez Janša. The launched “campaign against the coalition of hatred” is in fact a campaign to remove obstacles to the domination of politically correct and leftist ideologies. Under the guise of social justice and using a melodious vocabulary of love for humanity and understanding for the suffering, there is in fact a pathological hatred of freedom of speech and any kind of criticism. Their targets will always be sullied, they will always exclude people who do not submit to them completely – with body and spirit. Thus, not only “yellow jackets” and politicians of the conservative worldview are under attack, but also moderate intellectuals and thinkers. Journalistic-editorial esotericists, who are closely associated with people of leftist provenance, sprinkle black dust on them and label them as people to be fought against.

Leftists legitimise their hatred against (class and ideological) opponents by presenting themselves as people with flowers in their hair, who only respond to a “coalition of hatred”. The latter must, of course, be overthrown; also with the street past all democratic procedures, so that a society not only paves itself back on the path of a new world order, but that a new order of thought is imposed on people, which is their destiny and ultimate goal when all people walk barefoot on the dewy grass. No doubt. The left does not hate people on the right for what they are and what they represent, but for what they do. The center-right government is doing well for now: the well-being of the people is increasing, the PIN codes for left wing ATMs of taxpayers ’money are dwindling. And this is one of the main causes of today’s hatred of the Slovenian left towards the right. For if you look at their vocabulary, like sailor parrots, they repeat the most stupid Marxist phrases, and on the other hand, a very dark and gloomy history points to their own backyard.

Jože Biščak is the editor-in-chief of the weekly Demokracija, a long-term investigative journalist, and since 2020 also the president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists and the author of three books.


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