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[Letters – from victory to victory] Orwell in scrape: 2345th meeting of the Committee on Culture!

By: Vinko Vasle

Violetka Tomić: We have a quorum; I am only protesting because George Orwell did not attend the meeting. The invitation was not shown.

Lidija Mirnik Divjak: Minister Aleš Hojs did not want to give as the address from the MNZ database.

Vasko Simoniti: I apologise for interrupting – only, the gentleman is dead.

Violetka tomić: Do not delay with irrelevancy.

Marko Bandelli: Can’t the gentleman be forcibly brought in?

Violetka Tomić: We will continue without him.

Marko Koprivc: Is also that racist machist Jože Biščak missing?

Alenka Jeraj: Follow regulations, because you Koprivc are not a member of the board.

Marko Koprivc: I am here on behalf of the party.

Violetka Tomić: Then it is okay.

Violetka Tomić: Biščak was sent directly to prison by ours.

Mojca Škrinjar: Follow regulations. Which yours?

Samo Bevk: Ours and don’t be so naïve.

Violetka Tomić: Let’s get to the point. A pamphlet written by this Orwell is spreading across Slovenia – we are still figuring out who is behind this pseudonym. It is filthiness that someone is hinting that we in KUL are pigs, because I cannot explain it to myself otherwise. Everyone who is with us is sheep, and the rest is hard-working horses. This is unacceptable.

Nataša Sukić: I am a substitute member. I must say I am outraged because this is a racist animalistic text that is beyond the boundaries of fascism and Nazism, and is too little to just distance ourselves from it.

Primož Siter: It’s even worse, I just don’t remember at this moment.

Marko Bandelli: You said that well, I agree.

Violetka Tomić: If I continue – not only pigs, the police are declared as dogs, the donkey Benjamin is supposedly the most intelligent animal in the country, and pigs steal and corrupt everything. This is a direct hint to the coalition of the constitutional arc, a disgrace, especially when the pamphleteer emphasises that all animals are equal and we are a little more equal.

Vasko Simoniti: But this is a novel, a satire.

Violetka Tomić: Do not interpret every filthiness of the right with satire. Just say it is a gloss, and then you can just go.

Vasko Simoniti: Thank you and best regards.

Lidija Mirnik Divjak: Well, look, he just left – completely irresponsible.

Marko Bandelli: I noticed in that disgusting text that there is one pig Minimus who writes and sings songs for our prime minister. He makes a cult of personality out of him and he is supposed to be an ass-kisser. If this isn’t an egory on our Zlatan…

Alenka Jeraj: Allegory, Bandelli.

Violetka Tomić: Only I can correct him, because I am the president, otherwise he was understandable.

Nataša Sukić: But this is what the writer is framing us for, that we live in villas, even stolen ones, and the rest lives in the barn.

Marko Koprivec: And everyone who is with us is declared as sheep. Disgusting.

Mojca Škrinjar: Do you really not understand that it is symbolic?

Violetka Tomić: I will give you symbolism! This is how fascists, right-wingers and members of the Home Guard hide behind their filthiness. Do you think we don’t understand anything?

Mojca Škrinjar: Fine, if you think that you are pigs in the story, I can’t help it.

Nataša Sukić: Everything is clear because it is about pigs on two legs and because it shows that there is no difference between us, who are human, and pigs.

Alenka Jeraj: This is more and more fun.

Marko Koprivec: Violetka, a party warning to Jeraj for having fun.

Primož Sitar: We are supposedly raising the roof over some kind of censorship, which we have obscured by talking about democratic censorship. The only think we really stand for is that nothing is forbidden, because it should not be published and printed.

Samo Bevk: And nothing teaches such writers. Because of one Orwell, we brought Angela Vode, Franja Sirc, Boris Furlan, Pavla Hočevar, and Franc Snoj to court in 1947, as they translated and cyclised one English filthiness and slanderous literature “Animal Farm”.

Marko Bandelli: Let’s do it one more time then.

Alenka Jeraj: You already took care of it, they are all dead.

Nataša Sukić: If we allow this, the defamatory writing will continue. On the left, we are advocating that we will have to decide what and how and what to think and write, everything else is undermining the country.

Mojca Škrinjar: But Sukić, we are in 2020 and not 1945.

Nataša Sukič: I strongly protest. The MP hints that I do not know about the calendar. Warning.

Violetka Tomić: Because they are throwing us out of the hall, we will continue next time.

Alenka Jeraj: The limit is 4000 characters in Demokracija magazine.


Vinko Vasle is a longtime journalist and editor and former director of Radio Slovenia.




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