Let’s not fool ourselves: The Eurovision Song Contest is merely a mirror of what is happening in Europe in general

(Photo: Pixabay)

By: Blagovest.si

Italy’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest may not even come as a surprise, but the nation, known for its canzones, picked up completely different tones. Many were also shocked by the short video, when the singer of the winning group bends down for a few moments, as if “sniffing” something. Of course, the denial of rumours that he was using cocaine immediately followed.

No matter what he really did, it must be acknowledged that the Eurovision Song Contest has been just show business for the last three decades, where many other things are more important than music. Similar to the sport, where ritual kneeling on one leg in honour of the infamous Black Lives Matter movement on football fields has become a mandatory religious ritual. And this in Europe that has long since given up its Christian roots. This is one of the reasons why we have seen many things on the stages of the Eurovision Song Contest so far: transsexuals, LGBT promoters and the like.