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In Greece, a migrant tried to rape a 54-year-old woman

By: A. S.

In Greece, police are looking for a migrant, most likely of Pakistani origin, after he tried to rape a 54-year-old woman in Athens. Police there said it was a very serious case and that they wanted to prevent the suspect from trying to rape another woman again as soon as possible, Greek media Proto Thema reported.

The attack took place in the Kaminia district of Athens, when the migrant approached a 54-year-old and wrapped a thick chain around her neck while trying to rape her. The victim was cleaning a bar at the time, and the attacker was wearing a black hooded sweater. As he tried to rip her dress of her body, the chain around her neck, with which the attacker held her, loosened, so that the victim managed to grab a nearby object. With the object she hit the attacker on the head. She then ran to the street, seeking help, and the migrant fled the scene of the crime.

Recently, however, Greek police arrested another Pakistani migrant suspected of brutally beating two people and killing a 29-year-old man in the same neighbourhood of Athens. The arrested migrant is also said to be the leader of a criminal gang that smuggled cigarettes and trafficked drugs on the streets of Athens. The police are looking for another Pakistani in connection with the murder.

In the last few weeks, Greece has experienced several high-profile cases involving migrants. One such example was also the arrest of a Syrian in a migrant camp in Athens, who is said to be responsible for several crimes as a member of the ISIS terrorist group.


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