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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

I kill a flock to save a bird (which will vote for me)

By: Gregor Preac

Already the first reaction after the publication of Biden’s “8-year path to citizenship” plan in the US is that a huge queue of 10,000 illegal migrants is now rolling from Guatemala to Mexico and the US, which will not be the last! The US has an incredible 11 million illegal migrants. Around 10,000 migrants have died at the Mexican-American border since 1998 to date. From August 2015 until today, at the invitation of Angela Merkel, 40,000 people drowned in the Mediterranean!

But Merkel and Biden have an agenda: to get an even cheaper labour force and as many new voters as possible. They are not interested in consequences, anomalies, doubled crime, sociology. The 11 million new US citizens will therefore be 3 percent more population, 5 percent more voters. In the 330 million US, blacks make up 13.5 percent of the population, while Hispanics and Latinos make up 18.5 percent of the population. Eighty percent of blacks vote for Democrats, as do new citizens from Mexico and Central America.

Biden is repealing a bunch of anti-immigrant decrees of his predecessor Trump, he wants to unite migrant families, loosen up immigration from Mexico and Islamic countries, but all under a propaganda to repeal “inhumane” orders that have no meaning or effect. But he is basically just going back to the pre-Trump system, which produced an incredible 11 million illegal (undocumented) migrants in the US over two decades.

With illegal migrants from Mexico and further south, who are cheaper even than ghetto blacks, the position of blacks has clearly not improved in the last 30 years; in fact, there is less and less work for them and more and more drugs and prisons. As many as 36 million Americans are on the concoction of Democrats – food stamps; of which blacks and mulattoes are a quarter, that is, twice as much as the share in society.

The BLM (Black lives matter), black ghettos, and Antifa are then used by Democrats to sow chaos against Trump, looting, burning, tearing down statues, to terrorise cities with socialist communes, with demands to abolish the police. However, the FBI is not investigating Democrats for anti-state activity, high treason.

It is no coincidence that the chaos of the BLM is just before the election. Those who promote violence accuse Trump of dividing people. This is how democracy works in Slovenia today as well! It is also no coincidence that there are no additional security guards and police at the Capitol during the anti-Trump demonstrations. However, the FBI is not investigating why there was no additional security, but whether Trump prepared the protesters to take over Congress. Very sitcom- or telenovela-like, convincing for the (Slovenian) majority media.

In Slovenia the left wing is taking care of the constant influx of migrants from the Balkans, Africa, Islam, family reunification, which then puts a heavy burden on society, changes the demographics of small municipalities, provides new voters for local and European elections, and in a decade also for the parliamentary elections. 200,000 immigrants in the last decade. Then Cerar’s quota of Eritreans, Wahhabis, Bosniaks, Albanians vote for Slovene patriotism and culture or for left wing pro-Islamic and pro-migrant socialism? Migrants from the Balkans vote for the Balkan and the left wing!

In the abandoned barracks in Kent, Great Britain, one third of 400 migrants now have the new coronavirus, and then you logically wonder if it is not the same in the American, German, French and Greek camps, as well as in the camp in Bihać from where migrants then come to Slovenia. And for the Slovenian majority media the malicious, Islamophobic, racist … Jure Poglajen, who “humanitarianly” (in)directly helped the mafia in human trafficking, when he smuggled boats from Turkey to Greece with migrants who are now dead, in camps, in the cold, sick, on drugs, in prostitution, was Delo’s personality of the year in 2015.

There are also a million absurdities in the EU, which Slovenia is following as a member: an application, a certificate of travel purpose, a passport, an expensive test or quarantine so that I can return home. Ok, I accept, but an illegal migrant Pakistani, Afghan, African, Muslim does not need any of this and will not be punished if s/he violates all laws, regulations. All this circus for a bird that won’t sing! Who will be behind a barbed wire, on ‘food stamps’, in prison, in the ghetto! But it will vote!!!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and world traveler.


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