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Hay is not for geese, and Triglav and politics are not for cycling

By: Davorin Kopše

A Slovenian phrase, ‘hay is not for geese’, is used in cases when someone, for a certain reason, really wants something, but cannot get it because it is not suitable for them. In the south, this is picturesquely called “There is no gum for the peasant”.

Maybe someone else remembers the competition for the golden fox in the World Cup slalom and giant slalom for women on Pohorje. Years ago, fans from Croatia came there who did not understand what kind of sport it is and how to cheer at these events. They brought with them props that are otherwise used in the stands of football fields. They also “cheered” just like at a football match and gave an impression of wild uncivilised hooligans.

This was also the case when Tea Jarc took her like-minded people to Triglav and Kredarica. There, they showed their worst part of the character, when they verbally “ran into” the Prime Minister and the Minister, who are also protected persons by the way. Let me remind you, the protected persons are the Prime Minister and the Ministers who are the heads of the state-forming Ministries and some other important representatives of the authorities.

Not everything is for everyone and not everyone is for everyone

Not every activity and all levels of difficulty are for all people, because we are not the same. Anyone who is more talented for a particular profession, type of sport or culture should dedicate themselves to it. Those who do not have these talents and abilities should look for what suits them best. Politics is not for everyone either, although in a democracy it is accessible to everyone and in principle that is right. The difference is that you cannot cheat in business, sports, culture, or any other activity. You immediately drop out of business or are booed out, and you are no longer invited to the next business meeting or event.

The policy is a little different in this. Especially if you have speakers (media) on your side, you can appear or be shown in a completely different light than you really are. You can get embarrassed at a performance, the session of the National Assembly passes, at which you told nonsense, but when the session ends, in such a policy, unfortunately, your story is not over. At the next session, such MPs once again have the opportunity to demonstrate equally or even more thoroughly their incompetence and the consequent harmfulness to the state. Yeah, in that respect, politics really is a whore. But by character, not in the basic sense that it goes with everyone. Well, it does not go in the long run. In this, Šarec was right when he once said: “In the long run, we are all dead.” And really, his little party is already on a deathbed.

Give us peace

It is known that Prime Minister Janez Janša is a fan of mountains and that he likes to go to the Alps in the summer. Lately, this has also become known among politicians from abroad, so they like to join him and everyone is enthusiastic. Well, last Friday he took Hungarian Minister of Family Katalin Novak and a few other friends to the top of Triglav. No one could be thrilled with the show, which was staged there by a common activist Tea Jarc. The convictions could have been avoided by virtually no one, but they were interpreted differently. Those, who are being fought for by the overheated street clowns on wheels, wrapped their dirt in cellophane. Tanja Fajon from the Social Democrats expressed the view that this was inappropriate and immediately put herself in the role of the same victim, saying that she was being attacked and insulted on social networks.

Luka Mesec from Levica lied that Tea Jarc was slapped by someone on Kredarica and that the real victims were Janša and Hojs who escaped from Kredarica by helicopter. Ljudmila Novak from the government party Nova Slovenija also joined this type of human evil, where criminals are portrayed as victims and victims as criminals, who wrote that whistle-blowers are in need. The saddest thing is that she comes from a party that works well in the government, but she has been against it from the very beginning.

The mainstream media in the country reported on the event in Julian Alps in their own style. They stated that there was a verbal confrontation in Kredarica between the protesters on the one hand and Janša and Hojs on the other. Really? But who went with what intentions to a height of 2864 meters, where otherwise rules of mutual respect and solidarity apply? Soon all of them in turn support the protesters. Most of these are openly from KUL, and Novak does it half latent, but just clear enough to be able to read it.

Janša’s only verbal response to the provocations, saying that he did not know that they had an open day in Polje, was marked as reckoning. All in their style of remembrance of the historical events we remember these days. Three totalitarianisms caused millions of victims. The proud successors of the League of Communists and their sympathisers want to show the worst totalitarianism – communism, which lasted the longest and killed the most innocent victims of generations of all ages and both sexes, as a victim and liberator.

A hedonist, and in her free time a protester and in this branch a companion of Jaša Jenull, Tea Jarc, demanded that the Prime Minister give her peace on Kredarica. But who stalked whom? The obsession with Janez Janša drove Tea Jarc and her co-weirdos to the top of Triglav, where she had more than obviously never been before. He was first stalked, then he and the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, were illuminated with a flashlight and a camera was pointed at them. From the background behind the camera, the already mentioned Tea Jarc, the daughter of the police attaché in Zagreb Srečko Jarc, was screaming at them. During her hiss against the silent Prime Minister, she demanded that he give her peace. Just where did normalcy go?

Tea Jarc’ Exploitation Union

Tea Jarc is the president of a union called the Youth Plus Union. The erar application shows that she received around 700 thousand euros from the budget. Almost a million, then. The treaties were signed by previous rulers who wanted to rise back to power through protests and unusual political practices unique to them. These are the treaties that the current ruling set must abide by, but they will expire and will no longer be unduly extended, renewed or repeated. From this originates all the anger of those who have been accustomed for years and decades to live at the expense of working people who contribute to the state treasury through various transfers.

Tea Jarc, the president of the Youth Union, is the president of the union (the union is supposed to advocate for social rights), who often travels to exotic places, from where she sends bizarre photos. Like, for example, the one where she points the middle finger out of the car, and writes the word rebellion in the sand of fashionable beaches far away on the other side of the world.

In the past, they were willing to do many things to protect their personal interests, but so far they have not gone to Triglav. Triglav, which is also depicted in Slovene symbols, became their training ground and they unforgivably desecrated it in several ways. With their purpose, they destroyed the ancient mountain serenity and the magnificent peace that every well-meaning hiker experiences there. There they went to run their obscure policy of caviar fighters, unwilling to pay with their money. With this, they obscured the panorama of a single majestic beauty of the mountains.

If they come to perform street performances and monkey bouncing (comparing the expression of “cultural worker” Boris A. Novak at Friday’s protests, who repeats the phrase “monkey jackets”) on the tables of a mountain hut and harassing anyone at an altitude of over two thousand meters, we can say goodbye to that little bit of order, morality, and normalcy that this crazy time still maintained. Honest Slovenes, who do not mistake democracy for anarchy, can apply for refugee humanitarian corridors and set off. Towards Africa, you could almost say. But we are unbreakable, there are more and more of us and we are not going anywhere. Here our ancestors lived and created and here we too will remain, where we will continue to build the world to our liking. For our money!

The government we elected in the democratic elections has set up extensions, and the next one under the leadership of Janez Janša will be even stronger in terms of development. Slovenia will follow the path that Slovenians have in their genes and hearts. That is why the opposition KUL, which wants to be an alternative, is falling. A tailor-made reckoning of the people in the true sense of the word, which does not go to decompose on the streets and in the mountains, is approaching. Tick-tock.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament and an active citizen.


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