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Monday, October 3, 2022

Former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec as a political charlatan

By: Davorin Kopše

Ever since Marjan Šarec appeared in Slovene politics at the state level (other things are not worth mentioning), with every appearance, statement or record, he has started to immerse more and more in nonsense and absurd abstracts. Discussions can, of course, unwind at different levels from the highest to the lowest. Some rank inn debates among the lower ones, but with Šarec the question of whether he is capable of substantive discussions is becoming more and more relevant. So far he has not proved this. He is a man who has experienced a personal and political fiasco both at home and on the international political stage, however, he still dares to delve into the difficult topics that are being successfully implemented by the current Slovenian government.

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, Marjan Šarec once again felt the need to teach the Slovenian public and his mainland fans what democracy is, what the task of the ruling coalition is, and what the opposition is, and once again he cried over the fact that he did not have enough votes to make decisions in time of his ruling. During the formation of the government, he calmly overlooked such warnings and embarked on the adventure of forming a government with the support of the supra-coalition (communist) party Levica. This party has repeatedly proven that its only character it possesses is closely related to Karl Marx. All other partnerships are dishonest and thus doomed in advance. The absurd formation, called KUL, nevertheless includes this depraved socialist party, which is against the development of entrepreneurship, despises capital, which is a source of wages for workers, fights for the collapse of the Slovenian Army and invests all its energy in development, progress and quality of life.

Šarec’s record is confusing, inconsistent, and sounds like a cry of despair in solitude. Let me try to add a beginning and an end to Šarec’s record. The genius wrote that we know a position in a parliamentary democracy, which is called a coalition, and on the other hand an opposition. He pointed out that the government is responsible for the functioning of the state, and that the opposition is supposed to control the government and warn of possible deviations. However, he did not explain why, together with his opposition “martyrs”, he formed a coalition in the opposition, which was renamed the Coalition of the Constitutional Arc (KUL). In accordance with this Slovenian specialty, we have two coalitions in the National Assembly. One is in power and the other is not in power, but it is trying by all means to come to power. By all means also means using reckless ways. They do not care about the consequences and are even ready to play; neither human casualties nor other damage caused are important, it is important to come to power. Whining, he basically constantly emphasised that the government coalition must be responsible and state-forming, whereas the opposition coalition should be something of the opposite of that.

In his speeches, he again shed tears at the mention of the fact that he had a minority government, which can otherwise be ruled with if you get enough opposition votes with the idea. He did not succeed because his minority government had bad ideas, which in turn were rejected by the National Council. Until Šarec’s resignation, they did not realise that something was wrong with their exercising of power. What’s more, this is still not clear to them and they would be restoring something that did not work in the first place. Namely, in KUL, they are convinced that they could run the government again in the same composition and in the same way. Given the colourfulness and incompatibility of the members of this association, everyone would expect the same fruitless manoeuvres except for them. If, miraculously, they would succeed in signing a coalition agreement (this time a government one) due to the fierce fight against Janez Janša, which is their only common motive, we could expect a disagreement after a disagreement, given their previous approaches. An important message is already the fact that they do not know how to choose a leader. One time they bet on Jože Damijan, another time on Karl Erjavec, but it is not yet known who will be the third. It is hinted that this will be a failed candidate for constitutional judge Andraž Teršek, who, like Šarec, moved his legal office to Facebook.

The current government had it all

Šarec goes on to write and reminds that the current government had a majority in the National Assembly when it took office, which his government did not have. This government had only four partners in the government, his had one more and the Levica non-party dictated the pace and content. In his regret, he also wrote that the partners in Janša’s government were very constructive, the National Council did not give any veto and the fiscal rule did not apply. Šarec is right about all this, except for the fiscal rule, which is tied to serious needs due to the situation, however, the problem is not whether he is right or not. The problem is that Šarec regrets all the advantages of the current government and is provoking danger in the form of his incompatible coalition. He further made it known that Janša’s government had the support of the public and the media in the fight against the epidemic. As far as the public is concerned, he is right, but as far as the media is concerned, he lied. He forgot to write that even before the formation of the current government, crowds gathered, otherwise an insignificant part of the population, who opposed everything that this government represents and does, but on the other hand did not offer a single alternative. These are crowds that are closely associated with KUL members and have also worked in coordination and closely in the street with the parties that later formed KUL. As is well known, they were passionately supported by the majority media, especially RTV Slo and POP TV. The media therefore supported anti-government activities that took place in the streets, where they shouted slogans such as “The streets are ours”, which was also repeated by some opposition MPs.

The story of the street and the cooperation between the opposition and the media confirms the thesis that the ugly opposition is constantly misbehaving, which the writer of the verses on Facebook describes as crying of the coalition and passing the blame on to others. In fact, his writing reaffirms that he is irresponsible and incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions, which he carried out in business collaboration with others in order to overthrow the government. It is a perfidious incitement to blame the government for the number of deaths, about half of whom died in old people’s homes, where at the time of the epidemic we faced a situation that is a legacy of previous governments, where SD party ministers were primarily responsible for this area for decades. Practically nothing has been invested in homes during all this time, and it is appropriate to draw attention to the fact that the elderly lived there in unsuitable conditions even at a time when there was no epidemic. This is their attitude towards people in general, just so that we are clear. The problem of attitudes towards the elderly did not arise with the epidemic. With the onset of the epidemic and this government, the relationship is improving.

Of course, the great thinker and theorist in the face of Facebook also remembered the accusation of closing schools that have been closed for three months. Of course, he also forgot to mention in connection with this who caused the ambivalent (contradictory) attitude towards the measures. If we had joined forces and unitedly defended the introduced measures long time ago, when we first became aware of the seriousness of the problem, then, in addition to the general epidemiological situation, the situation in schools would also have been more favourable and lessons could have taken place. That in certain areas, both in the economy and in education, some are more aware of the necessity of respecting measures than others, is another nonsense. It is the same everywhere. We got proof of this these days, when 1.4 percent of those infected were found during the urgent testing of schoolchildren. If the government had not insisted on compulsory testing, all of these teachers would have gone among the children when schools started opening, which was gradually introduced yesterday. The percentage represents about 250 school employees. Let me remind you that the president of the Trade Union of Education (SVIZ), Branimir Štrukelj, was against the mandatory testing of teachers, saying that they are intellectuals who are aware of their responsibilities.

Too passive opposition

By far the worst Prime Minister to date goes on to say that the current opposition is too passive. He argues that more interpellations should be filed, committees convened en masse, and step up in preparing a no confidence vote against the government. He claims that this is the duty of the opposition, which is true on the one hand, but at the same time we would expect substantive criticism and debate from the opposition. Requests for meetings and interpellations have already been made, but they have always ridiculed and embarrassed themselves. The memory should go back to meaningless performances at the Committee on Culture, Foreign Policy and Home Affairs, where they tried to introduce unrest into Logar’s, Simoniti’s and Hojs’s departments with jokes. Similarly, this has also happened in relation to the situation in the defence field. They were not bothered by anything other than creative work aimed at improving the functioning of individual areas, and in some parts they stumbled upon an attitude towards the unjust judiciary, which convicted innocent people, sent Janša to prison before the elections and the like. Of course, they were also disturbed by the introduction of order in the media field, which is strongly in favour of continuity and is transparently funded. This is mostly about national RTV and STA, which operate domestically, wherein there are well-founded suspicions that there is additional filthiness in the background related to personal benefits and covert financing of failing media such as Dnevnik, where STA advertises across full pages. In the field of defence, the problem of the opposition is the strengthening of the army and the country’s defence power as well as the prevention of illegal migration, which is already a skyrocketing impulse against the homeland and the state of Slovenia. In doing so, they even went so far as to take part in the persecution of a member of the army who was guarding the state border and wrongly condemned him for harassing a civilian and pointing a rifle at him.

The crying record continued with the President of the National Assembly, Igor Zorčič. According to the political charlatan, Zorčič is using all possible means to prevent a secret voting on constructive no confidence of the government. He claims, that yes and no the virus prevents voting for sick and infected MPs. The KUL did not allow themselves to be told that the time of the epidemic was not the time to stump and serial strain to overthrow the government and filing a no confidence vote, and now they cannot allow themselves to be blamed for not being constructive in fighting the virus.

They will not stop our hopeless struggle for power

In the end, the forgotten actor and misguided politician promises that they will not give up and no one will stop them even though they do not have enough votes to vote no confidence. He promises to continue the hopeless struggle in the style of “kalimer”, known for his cries of injustice, even though no one has ever wished him anything bad. If he got into trouble, it was because of his own actions. The resemblance to KUL is not accidental. Given that the KUL coalition failed to gather enough signatures for the success of the no confidence vote in the first attempt, the promise that they will not give up is yet another empty claim by politicians from under the Kamnik mountains. When they file the next interpellation, there will obviously be even fewer of them, as the MPs of DeSUS parliamentary group have decided, according to the latest information, not to cooperate with KUL and will continue to support the government.

I could not have wished for a better conclusion to this column. Stupidity, nevertheless, does not have the scope that the destructive forces of the opposition want by leading from the depths of a deep state. The thesis that Šarec is a political charlatan is thus fully confirmed.

Davorin Kopše is a conservative politician and former candidate on the joint list of the Slovenian Democratic Party and the Slovenian People’s Party for a member of the European Parliament


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