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Erjavec will go down in history as a politician who left the government in the middle of the biggest crisis and despite fulfilled coalition commitments!

By: Sara Kovač

Came, saw, destroyed could be the motto of the new-old president of DeSUS party, Karl Erjavec, who left the government in the middle of the biggest crisis in history, just days after taking over the party – and this despite the fulfilled commitments from the coalition’s agreement.

Karl Erjavec has always been “enfant terrible” of Slovenian politics. Without him and the DeSUS party, there was never a government, so he always knew how to use the situation to cause grey hair to coalition partners and to increase the bargaining value of himself and his party.

But Erjavec had the choice to either return to politics as a hero or a fool, and he chose the latter. In the midst of the biggest crisis, when the country needs a stable and operational government, he decided on an unstable and proven non-operational choice – a party alliance that has proven its incompetence countless times in the last ten years.

Will Erjavec manage to break all DeSUS MPs?

Needless to say that the epidemic will not be tackled by those who fled it or threw in the towel, and that overthrowing the government involves completely different interests and goals that are beyond the reach of a common person, and are extremely destructive for society as a whole. The idea of KUL did not come from within, but was imposed from the outside. The opposition accepted it because it made it possible for them to reduce the pressure of left-wing interest networks on them, while also buying them a few month of media stories.

Regarding Erjavec himself, political analyst Sebastjan Jeretič said that his unwillingness to cooperate with the government of Janez Janša was not surprising and that his attitude was essentially consistent. If Erjavec managed to persuade the party’s organs to leave the coalition, he must now “break” two more DeSUS MPs. Franc Jurša and Jurij Lep are supposedly already on the “dark side”, and an inquisitorial procedure of expulsion from the party is underway against MP Robert Polnar. Officially, only Ivan Hršak and Branko Simonovič are indecisive, and the fate of our country hangs over a few individuals when a constructive vote of no confidence will be casted and voting will take place, as it is known that the results will be very close. Only these few MPs have an opportunity to become heroes and save the country instead of Erjavec.

Otherwise, the bizarreness of the Slovene left and the current situation is best illustrated by Matevž Sedej in Časnik:

  • Someone who even failed to get into parliament became party president.
  • The same party president, which is also a government party, is offering himself as president of the new government.
  • The president of the second smallest party in parliament, who is not even a member of parliament, is nominated as the new prime minister.
  • But this party president fails to convince even members of his own party for his candidacy as prime minister – the party, for which he claims is successful in the government, but loudly discusses a possible exit from the government.
  • And the same president of the government party does not want to take any responsibility in the current government.
  • Another party president, who resigned as prime minister at the start of covid-19 epidemic, has always dared to criticise the government’s response to the crisis.
  • None of the presidents of the four opposition parties feels capable enough to take over the position of prime minister, although two of them have already held this position, and Tanja Fajon was already represented as the future prime minister by former president Dejan Židan.
  • The presidents of the four opposition parties would prefer to appoint the president of a government party as prime minister.
  • The presidents of the four opposition parties would also appoint a technocrat, who has never held a political function, as prime minister.
  • The four opposition parties, which own the exclusive right to belong to the constitutional arc, would support anyone who collected 46 votes at the National Assembly.

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