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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Dr. Stane Granda: That a former reader of readers in church Šarec accuses Minister Cigler Kralj of a religious belief is proof of a confused mind!

By: Dr. Stane Granda

To the astonishment of all KUL members, Marjan Šarec, who is known for reading a reader at mass, and insulting the killed opponents of the Communists at partisan celebrations, started criticising the Minister of Social Affairs.

The reader of a reader at Mass started attacking a man who acknowledges the principles of Christian social doctrine that respects Janez Evangelist Krek? Who knows the value of life, work, and learning of Dr Andrej Gosar. A citizen would understand that he blames him for party affiliation, which would be in line with the weakness of Slovenian parliamentarism, which does not separate competitors from the enemy. To accuse him of religious belief, however, is proof of a confused mind. This is a violation of fundamental human rights and Slovenian constitutional principles. In the Slovenian Parliament! It is no wonder that even the former head of the Communists, Židan, who obviously has more Christianity in him than the reader of readers Šarec, resisted him.

Dr. Stane Granda is a historian and a publicist.

Source: Časnik.si


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