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Monday, June 5, 2023

Danish prime minister wants zero asylum seekers

By: V4 Agency

Pointing out that too many migrants jeopardise social cohesion, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that her government will work to reduce asylum seekers to “zero” under a new directive.

“We cannot promise that there will be no refugees, but we can set a new goal of establishing a new asylum system, and then it’s only up to us when we can implement it,” Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in Folketing.

The head of government pointed out that few politicians do enough to really help migrant integration, adding that they do not demand enough of them. She maintained that immigrants must be able to fend for themselves and they must embrace Denmark’s national values.

Ms Frederiksen also explained that social values ​​and national cohesion were already being strained. “We need to be cautious about allowing too many newcomers into our country who jeopardise our social unity,” she said.

Among the problems involving social values, she quoted the high crime rate committed by those of immigrant background. “One in five men of non-Western descent had already violated the penal code by the age of 21. One in five,” the prime minister stressed. She added that the phenomenon was not new and precisely part of the problem. “This has been going on for years. Girls are insulted and shamed for being Danes. Or when girls have to adapt their “behaviour to a different social norm because they are considered too Danish. Or the attack in Bronshoji when firecrackers were hurled at a sausage cart for selling pork,” Ms Frederiksen continued with the list.

According to a compilation by Nyheter Idag, Denmark accepted 531 immigrants in 2020, mainly due to [the coronavirus-related] travel restrictions. At the same time, statistics clearly show that Denmark is the least open to migration among the Nordic states. By contrast, the heavily pro-migration Sweden took in 9,621 immigrants last year, which puts the social problems mentioned by Denmark’s premier in a different perspective.


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