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petek, 24 septembra, 2021

Anti-terrorist alarm triggered: Syrian illegal migrant with automatic weapon was caught on border with Austria!

By: C.R.

Hungarian authorities stopped a bus just outside the Austrian border carrying 17 illegal migrants. One of them also had an automatic weapon with him. Austrian authorities have already explained that they have raised an anti-terrorist alarm over the arrest of an armed Syrian.

They were caught in the border town of Vas, between the Hungarian and Austrian borders. According to the Kronen Zeitung, Hungarian law enforcement stopped a minibus. They found that the Austrian driver of Serbian origin was under the influence of alcohol. The migrants hiding in the back of the van then fled.

During the arrest, the driver said one of the migrants was carrying a scorpion automatic weapon. Austrian and Hungarian authorities have begun investigating whether the weapons were intended for a new terrorist attack in Austria. Recently, the Austrian authorities caught a smuggler with sixteen illegal migrants, but the driver escaped despite warning shots and is still on the run.

Will the Danish model of asylum policy prove successful?

Recently, the Turkish Coast Guard caught 231 illegal migrants from Afghanistan. Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz also commented on this, saying that Afghan migrants are much better off in Turkey than in Austria. The Turkish Foreign Ministry also responded to this and accepted Kurz’s statement with astonishment.

However, everyone expects whether the Danish model of asylum policy will become synonymous with success in tackling Europe due to the pressure of the migration wave from Africa and the Middle East. Denmark has agreed to place asylum seekers in one of the African countries bordering Europe. And Denmark itself will cover all the costs of the asylum center. Denmark’s action only proves that the process of multiculturalism is dead.


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