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Acting like Carl on RTV Slovenija

Gregor Preac (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Gregor Preac

When the star of some television and Janina Slovenka (representation of women and national imaginary after socialism) of 2013 is Eugenija Carl, then we know the time. In fact, we know that time has stopped. And that it has stopped 30 years ago, in some stupid dictatorship, which indoctrinated the audience enough that clowns and clown dolls, spies and jumpers like Šarec, Pahor, Cerar, Erjavec, Fajon act like Carl together with a salad and RTV Slovenia.

At the same time, anarcho-leftist protesters, promoted by RTV SLO and other backward media (Delo, Večer, Dnevnik, Mladina, POP TV), are breaking cameras of the newly formed center-right or right wing media, threatening their editors and journalists, whereas SD party is preventing them from reporting.

In a country where the drug trade and human trafficking are booming, where the administration is corrupt all the way to the “Nude Maja” (or every nude), where hundreds of millions disappear at TEŠ 6 and a billion are washed in the NLB washing machine, where people like Zoran Janković writes off tens of millions of debts, the culmination of investigative journalism of RTV Slovenia and their star Eugenija Carl is the revelation of the salad trade and “broad heard, broad said” forged diplomas of an MP.

Selective RTV journalism

According to our sources, which we have checked several times, because we are not Eugenija Carl or RTV SLO, who do not check sources and data and then regularly publish false data, false consciences, there are 90 MPs. In professional, i.e. balanced, non-ideological journalism, you check everything, and not just the diploma of one, the one who does not play cool because he plays according to another ideology, or does not play according to ideology at all, but according to his conscience. The same applies to the financing of political parties, where RTV SLO and the “sleepyheads, those fallen behind” check only the financing of the SDS, but not of other parties, including the highly indebted SD party!

Since RTV SLO daily scatters so much trivia, kitsch, lies, malice, evil, and salads, which is even rotten, it is no wonder that the famous Eugenija Carl and people like her are mistaken for garden rocket, young lettuce, and dandelion, or that more and more Slovenian citizens prefer to skip the content-poor and unintellectual three TV programmes of RTV Slovenia as something unattractive, violent, annoying, unfriendly, malicious, unbelievable.

They should apologise to MP Simonović and offer him compensation

If RTV SLO were a serious, credible medium, responsible for its mistakes, for its rotten salad, it would apologise to MP Branko Simonović and offer him 10,000 euros in compensation for evil and dishonourable playing with his reputation. If the prosecution had at least a little legal ethics and responsibility, professionalism, it would ex officio prosecute Carl and her editor for malicious reporting. After such journalistic mess, Carl could only sell salad at the Koper market or at Ponte Rosso!

Now Carl and RTV SLO are talking to the University of Zagreb. The basic rule and duty of every journalist is that the journalist checks the data, evidence, sources several times and independently, especially first with the person in question. Moreover, the journalist when obtaining information should not be guided by hatred, ideology, blindness. It is clear from everything that the motive of Carl and RTV SLO was not fair reporting, as you have to give the participant in the investigation the right to a defence in the same article.

Television Slovenija, founded in 1958 (Dnevnik in Slovene for the first time only in 1968, new building of TV Slovenija only in 1975), was not created to serve the Slovenian nation, to serve Slovenia, but to spread the ideology of communism, socialism, Yugoslavia, indoctrinate, control the media space, control people, and to censor! Until 1991, the environment on RTV SLO was completely unhealthy, flooded with communists, Udba members, an eavesdropping room, with Udba associates among editors and journalists. For another 30 years after the dictatorship, RTV SLO acts like Carl alias ideological struggles, the exclusion of dissidents, village politics, indoctrination!

Despite the annual budget of 100 million euros, 2,200 employees and 300 colleagues of RTV Slovenia, RTV SLO has not found a mission nor meaning to this day, that is patriotism or search and promotion of the best, most beautiful Slovenian, but it rather sows discord, schism, dishonesty, and negativism!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and world traveler.

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