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Monday, December 11, 2023

Academician Janko Kos also resigned from the Slovene Writers’ Association

By: Sara Bertoncelj / Nova24TV

After the Slovene Writers’ Association (SWA) decided not to take part in the events marking the country’s 30th anniversary due to the recent actions of Prime Minister Janez Janša, academician Janko Kos resigned from the association. According to them, Janša allegedly banned some government officials from speaking publicly through the government’s communication office. According to the president of the SWA, Dušan Merc, an exceptional intellectual and witness of our half-past era left the society.

Academician Janko Kos resigned from the Writers’ Association after they announced, on February 8th, that they would not take part in the events marking the country’s 30th anniversary, mainly due to the Prime Minister’s alleged ban of public appearances for some government officials. The decision was justified in the association by the fact that the Prime Minister took over all the levers of power in one way or another. “It is not just about running the country; he is locking it in a cage of one mindedness. He became the only truth-teller about the situation in the country in all areas. In doing so he shook the foundation of democracy – to freedom of speech and the right of citizens to correct information,” they wrote.

SWA President Dušan Merc wrote that the only possible comment was that we must accept the fact that academician Professor Janko Kos, a teacher and role model of many generations of Slovenian comparatists, an outstanding intellectual, and a witness of our half-past era and present, withdrew from the Writers’ Association. MMC also summed up Merc’s words that Kos can be right in many respects, he can be justifiably appalled by his conscience and belief that the SWA will not join the jubilee celebration. Merc added that the different views of SWA members on many important issues of our present are central and are part of our common reality.

Of course, it is tragic that Kos resigned, especially considering that in reality neither Ukom nor the Prime Minister forbade anyone to speak in public. As they explained in Ukom regarding warnings concerning the restriction of media appearances by officials and experts, Ukom coordinates and synchronises the appearances of the government and representatives of the covid-19 expert group. Government representatives and media experts answer questions daily at press conferences, while using other communication channels to enable planned, comprehensive, and up-to-date communication with the public. It is also tragic that, for some imaginary reasons, the SWA will not take part in the events marking the country’s 30th anniversary.


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