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Monday, December 11, 2023

A pogrom against Trump is a pogrom over self-confidence

By: Gregor Preac

The first victim of war is the truth! Since the financial crisis in 2008, we have been in a constant (propaganda) war, so to speak. The socialist-liberal-capitalist zombie societies of postmodernism and the New Age would intoxicate themselves by propaganda-ideological utopia, that is, by falsehood. Did digitalisation take care of that, and then social media, new technical possibilities for easy accessibility of advertising and propaganda?

The cult of the frantic irrationality of false philanthropy culminates with Merkel and Juncker, and Merkel and Von der Leyen, with a policy of centralism, bureaucracy, millions of migrations from Islam, where any criticism is undemocratically silenced by insulting critics with racists, fascists, populists, islamophists, right extremist, patriots.

Voters do not understand that there is nothing in politics as it seems. That those who repeat philanthropy the most are most often the main liars, psychopaths, non-democrats, tyrants. The agenda for cheap labour and new voters in illegal migration is packed with philanthropy, aid to the poor, multiculturalism.

As a logical response to millions of lies, Orbán, Salvini, Le Pen, Trump, Janša appear, they say what they think, no longer wrap themselves in falsely humanitarian candied cellophane, and therefore insult the weak, incompetent, slow, sleepy, systemic, socialist, collectivist, utopian. People who have been accustomed for decades to socialist and liberal propaganda of love, the chanting of the worker, the poor, the incompetent, and the abused social work, the bread, and the games, suddenly find them rude, violent, hostile, populist.

The weak, represented by at least half, do not tolerate the truth! Even though Orbán, Salvini, Le Pen, Trump, Janša are just telling us that we can all be independent, confident, enterprising, creative, inventors!

But it will not go without the media. Berlusconi and Czech Prime Minister Babiš own the media. It will not succeed without modernising education. We have been developing technically fast for two centuries, but we are lagging behind emotionally and intellectually! Outdated Teresian education does not teach us to think meaningfully, read, buy, vote, know financial literacy, entrepreneurship, independence, (self-)responsibility, self-confidence, ethics, aesthetics, logic, patriotism. Europe, the West also need Confucian pragmatism and the middle path of Taoism for the self-confidence of Asian tigers!

Orbán, Janša, Salvini, Le Pen, Trump can try even without superiority, which offends the weak, but balance individualism with collectivism, patriotism with the advantages of globalism in order to gain more middle ground.

Biden, promoted by peacekeepers, gays, feminists, NGOs, blacks, the majority media as a peacemaker, a Democrat, a benefactor, has already sent new troops to Syria, and aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt to Taiwan. After the media eclipse, they would also like to disable Trump politically, with another impeachment (accusation of high treason). Democratic prosecutors are announcing an “attack” on his property, on (non-)payment of taxes, tax relief. Revenge, hatred of “philanthropists”?

82 percent of Republican voters still firmly stand behind Trump, and he is likely to gain more supporters through clashes. They fear the active crowds that Trump has awakened when he infused power, confidence into people who were supporting him, as well as those who were against him! Employment grew until the pandemic!

(Political) culture is disappearing, but they blame Trump when they are uncultured! There has been no greater media, gay-feminist, black-BLM-antifa pogrom over anyone in the four years of his mandate than Trump, even with the bizarre “Russia gate”, a constant search for mistakes from decades ago, a starlet of the type of Stormy Daniels, which is incredibly reminiscent of the situation in Slovenia. Bomb, deceive, no matter what, why, hit, destroy – COOL!

The pogrom over Trump is a pogrom over self-confidence, a pogrom over individualism or a return to collectivism, to sleepy Biden (“sleepy Joe”) – to put the masses to sleep, to preserve the old system of oligarchy (small group rule), plutocracy (wealth rule), network democracy (rule of network power), paternalism: “Do not think, follow, we are chosen to lead you, you have elected us, we do not need you for four years!”

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and world traveler.


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