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2021 – a potentially dangerous year: Islamic State leaders urge attacks on churches

By: V4 Agency

Following instructions issued by Islamic State leaders to terrorists infiltrating Europe, churches, religious centres and police are expected to be the jihadis’ main targets. As a result, intelligence services consider 2021 to be a potentially dangerous year.

Apperently, the coronavirus pandemic does little in the way of stopping the Islamic State’s jihadi warriors from organising attacks. Information suggests that Spain could be one of the countries the terrorist organisation will target this year, a source from the intelligence services told the El Correo Gallego newspaper.

The source says 2021 is considered a potentially dangerous year, as many Islamic State terrorists who have set off for Europe in recent months will soon reach Spain. Islamic State leaders are known to have instructed their followers to attack churches and uniformed patrols. Churches, Christian religious centres and police are expected to be the main targets, but there could be other possible targets, too.

In 2020, despite the pandemic-related restrictions, there were 23 operations in Spain against individuals with links to extremist jihadi movements, the article published by El Correo Gallego points out.

Meanwhile, Spain is witnessing a growing influx of irregular migrants, especially in the Canary Islands, as more than 23,000 migrants made landfall by boat last year. Large-scale immigration causes serious problems for local residents, leading to frequent turmoil and conflicts.

In some recently shared videos migrants are seen holding a pool party in a hotel in Mogan, where they are staying on taxpayers’ money. Ironically, the videos were posted by the migrants themselves. Meanwhile, authorities on the Canary islands introduced some tough new restrictions in mid-January because of the pandemic, which makes locals’ lives much harder, allowing them to only socialise with those under the same roof.

However, the migrants having a pool party in the hotel completely disregarded these rules. Although the Civil Guard held an on-site inspection, they only issuead a verbal warnning to those present for misbehaviour. Local residents have been complaining for months that the illegal migrants staying in hotels have absolutely no respect for the pandemic rules, and that their presence has triggered a growing crime rate.


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