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‘We Have Been Treated Like Criminals’ Complain Migrants Who Entered Britain Illegally

by A.P.

Asylum seekers who were previously housed at taxpayer expense in a former British military accommodation in Folkestone, Kent have complained that they were “treated like criminals”.

The Napier Barracks has been used by the Home Office to house some 400 illegal migrant men while their asylum claims were being processed.

However, following outbreaks of the Chinese coronavirus amidst widespread flouting of the pandemic regulations, most of the migrants were moved out of the facility and into hotels across the country — free of charge — with only 63 migrants remaining in the camp.

Speaking to Sky News, one of the former inhabitants of the camp, Iranian migrant Majid, complained of the conditions in the facility which used to house British soldiers.“I saw several people attempt suicide and others were self-harming. They were desperate, afraid,” he claimed.



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