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Saturday, June 3, 2023

(VIDEO) “Protection seekers” torture children with smoke and cigarettes so that they simulate crying


In order to achieve the desired pity effect, crooks in the form of refugee actors are right by any means. And what is more suitable than crying children?

Getting smoke into your eyes is extremely unpleasant and causes the eyes to start to water. Of course, the “refugees” who are currently stuck at the Polish-Belarusian border also know this. In the naïve idea that the West consists only of do-gooders and deluded welcome gossipers, one wants to produce images that are supposed to put the heart above the brain in the West.
The events of the last few days have already shown that the common repertoire of so-called “people seeking protection” includes not only psychological violence but also moral
blackmail. Just as it would be our fault if some of the fleets lured into the country from Belarus hold cigarettes in front of children’s eyes and then blow smoke in their faces.


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