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(VIDEO + PHOTO) Illegal Migrant Hides Under Bus, the Driver Snaps, Kicks and Chases Him Away

An illegal migrant was hiding under a bus going from Velika Kladuša to Croatia. When the passengers found him, the driver went nuts: if the police detected him at the border, he could have been accused of smuggling people.

“We were approaching the border crossing and made a stop right before it. While we were there, one of the passengers and witness to the event said to the driver: “Someone got under the bus”, the portal Biščani reported, quoting the 24sata portal.
The drivers and the passengers began to search for the migrant together. If they were detected by police officers at the border, the driver could have been accused of people-smuggling. That is why he snapped when he found the person hiding under his bus. He cursed all his relatives up to his fifth cousins and hit him.
According to the witness’ story, the migrant was about 20 years old and he said to the driver: “Please!” The driver replied: “Please, what?”
The passengers intervened by physically removing the illegal immigrant away from the angry driver. However, the driver managed to kick him in his behind and shouted: “Run!”
The police were not called to intervene because they solved the matter themselves.
You can watch the video HERE.


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