(VIDEO) In Action Movie Style – Two Migrants Steal Bus, Flee and End up Crashing into Police Officers

(Photo: Karlovac Police Department)

Two Syrian citizens were arrested today by the Croatian police near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The two Syrians stole a bus a couple of hours after midnight and drove off. The police chased after them, in what seemed like a car chase out of a Hollywood movie scene, and finally succeeded in stopping them. They tried to escape on foot while the bus started to move backwards, damaging police vehicles. No one was injured in the accident.

Detectives in Slunj have launched an investigation against the Syrian citizens for a suspected criminal offense of unauthorized use of foreign objects, the website of the police administration of the Karlovac County reported.

According to the report, the police was informed in the early hours of the morning that in the town of Pašin Potok, near Cetingrad, along the border with Bosnia, someone stole and drove away on a bus with a Karlovac registration plate. The police tried to stop the bus in Kremen, on the road between Cetingrad and Slunj in the Karlovac area, but the driver did not stop.

The police then chased after the bus and tried to stop it. In the end, the bus stopped in Nikšić and two persons escaped.

Then, according to the police officers who also posted photographs of damaged vehicles, the bus started to move backwards and collided with a police car, which then collided with another police car.

The police report adds that both fugitives were quickly arrested and were found out to be illegal migrants, with Syrian citizenship.

You can watch the video HERE.