Thriller in the middle of the city: drugged illegal migrant fool around with a knife in hand

(Photo: PrintScreen/AvazTV)

On Ilidza in Sarajevo, the townspeople witnessed scenes that can be seen only in action films, Avaz reported. J. A., a 16-year-old migrant from Morocco, attacked a Turkish citizen with a knife and injured him more easily.

According to the witness Srdjan Srdic, it was like an action movie. “Through the little alley on Ilidza, and in the middle of the day, with a knife in his hand ran drugged migrant and chased a man. I’m sitting with society and I cannot believe it. Fortunately, waiters from nearby cafes have mastered him, otherwise I do not know what could happen, “said Srdic.

A girl was also wounded, who failed to escape him in a timely manner.

Otherwise, the Sarajevans in the villages of Grbavica and Kovacici say that they are afraid. Fights, robbery and burglaries are happening every day. Migrants are also getting into housing, Nail Gradisic told for Avaz.