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There are fewer migrants, but now those from Bangladesh predominate

By: C.R.

From yesterday until this morning, police officers of the Ljubljana Police Administration, while performing the tasks of guarding the state border in the area of Dol pri Kočevju, tracked down and arrested a foreigner (a citizen of Bangladesh) who had illegally crossed the state border. The police procedure with the foreigner has not yet been completed.

The Koper Police Department also reports on migrants. According to reports, police officers from the Ilirska Bistrica Police Department dealt with one Pakistani citizen, 13 Bangladeshi citizens, five Nepal citizens and one Albanian citizen.

Yesterday afternoon, the police officers of the Gorišnica Police Precinct had several people in the process who crossed the state border between Croatia and Slovenia at a place where there is no border crossing, and they did not have the appropriate permits.

The first fined was a citizen of Ukraine who has a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, who crossed the border with a truck with Czech license plates.

Less than two hours later, two Croatian citizens were fined for crossing the border in a combined vehicle with Croatian license plates.

In the evening, another Croatian citizen was fined for crossing the border with a truck with Croatian license plates.


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