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Friday, May 24, 2024

The Invasion on the Southern Border Continues; 91 Illegal Migrants Caught

The invasion of illegal immigrants to Slovenia continues and police officers along the southern border have their hands full.

Last weekend, 91 illegal immigrants were arrested in the areas of the police administrations of Koper and Novo mesto. The Koper police dealt with 58 illegal immigrants, most or 18 of them were Pakistani, 14 were Iranians and Afghans, seven Albanians, four Algerians and one from Myanmar. In addition, they also dealt with three traffickers of illegal migrants. One was an Albanian citizen who resided in Italy and smuggled two of his compatriots, the other a Romanian woman who also transported two Albanian immigrants. The third trafficker, a homegrown from Ljubljana, transported four Iranians by car.

Near Novo mesto, police officers captured 33 illegal immigrants, but all of them crossed the border without the aid of traffickers. Some of them have been already returned to the Croats, while the procedures against the others have not yet been closed.


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