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The catastrophic migration situation in Slovenia

By A. S.

Illegal migration in Slovenia has increased by 161.1% this year, with 21,467 illegal border crossings recorded by the end of October, compared to only 8,222 at this time last year. Slovenia could become a migrant pocket, and the situation in its increasingly overcrowded asylum centers is also said to be worrying. Migrants can be seen wandering around the border in the municipality of Koper on a daily basis, while the police in Koper is also the most heavily burdened by this problem. Burundians, Afghans and Indians are  the most frequent migrants. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, provided us with his own experience, having witnessed the Slovenian migration system in action with his family.

According to the anonymous source, after the talk with the officials, the migrants would have their documents returned and would be advised to go to Italy. The responsible authorities were allegedly negligent, according to our source, his wife was assaulted by Middle Eastern migrants, and the management of the asylum centre failed to act. Slovenia is also allegedly a transit country for human trafficking. It is allegedly run by Roma, who collect girls for sexual slavery in apartments in Slovenia and Croatia. Muslim immigrants, i.e. Somalis, Kurds and Muslim Roma, also allegedly control the drug trade in many European countries.

The source adds that he himself wanted to stay in Slovenia and contribute to its development, but ended up leaving with his family because he had witnessed too much denial of the obvious facts, as well as criminality. He also wonders “why does the Slovenian government turn a blind eye to so many things?”



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