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Sweden: Knife-wielding Muslim breaks into family’s home, screams ‘Allahu akbar’ as he is arrested

by A.P.

“The fear of the family with children: Awakened by a knifeman,” translated from “Barnfamiljens skräck: Vaknade av knivman,” by Axel Lundqvist, Expressen, February 24, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

At 4:37AM, the police were called to Örby in Älvsjö in southern Stockholm. A man had then smashed several windows and entered a family home in a terraced house.

– This person entered the home and those who lived there alerted the police, says Anders Bryngelsson, spokesperson for the police.

According to information to the police, several houses in the area have had their windows smashed. According to information to Expressen, four houses have had their windows smashed.There are several people who have heard about it, windows have been smashed at another address, says Bryngelsson.



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