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Slovenian villages near the border with Croatia are overflown with migrants

By A. S.

Under the current Slovenian government, mass migration is once again intensifying, with groups of migrants from the Middle East and Africa appearing daily in villages near border crossings with Croatia in the Koper municipality area. A local woman from the village of Movraž told us that groups of up to fifty migrants are being picked up by police officers at the border or are crossing illegally themselves. Movraž serves as a sort of intermediate station for these migrants, who are then picked up by buses in the center of the village under police surveillance and taken on to Ilirska Bistrica and other asylum centers.

Migrants are sleeping in abandoned buildings. (Photo: A.S.)

Up to 100 migrants a day are passing through the village. The surrounding countryside is full of trash, which migrants dump when they enter Slovenia. The barbed wire around the border is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese. In the surrounding villages, containers belonging to the Knights of Malta charity containing water and food for the migrants can also be seen, with signs in Arabic on the containers themselves.

Containers with water and food for passing migrants.

Fence on the border crossing Rakitovec. 


Part of the fence by the border crossing on the Croatian side is destroyed.

Concerned locals told us that the police transport migrants mainly at night and early in the morning. Migrants are supposed to arrive at the border, where they are then picked up by the police. Some are separated from larger groups and wander the countryside on their own. In addition to Movraz, large migrant groups can be observed in the villages of Gradin, Hrvoji, Pregara, Brezovica, Trebeše and Sirči. Bicycles have also been stolen and the house of a Gradin resident has been broken into.

One of many holes in the border barbed wire fence.


Documents among the trash that migrants leave behind.


More trash.


Up to a hundred migrants daily goes through the village Movraž.

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