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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Shocking! Migrants Turn Violent: Courtyard Invaded, Physical Attack on Locals, Shop Burglaries on the Rise

The poor control over migrants, who walk freely around the city, is making them increasingly cheeky. They started attacking the locals, the Krupljani portal reports.

The inhabitants of Izačići said that a verbal and physical attack took place on Tuesday. The illegal migrants invaded some courtyard. The locals first tried to explain nicely that the courtyard is a private property, and later tried to physically remove the migrants, to take them where they belong. To this, the migrants responded with hostility.

By the way, the migrants in Izačići broke into two shops, tried but failed to break into a garage and confiscated two cars, the Krupljani portal reports.

The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (especially in Bihać) is escalating seriously. The authorities are afraid that shootouts could start occurring. We already reported that police have already found firearms with two migrants in Sarajevo and in Bosnia it is generally known that the locals keep weapons at home, since the time of the last Balkan war.


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