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Friday, September 22, 2023

Serbs and Bulgarians illegally transported Afghans

By: C.R.

During the control of a truck with Serbian license plates, PMP Obrežje police officers discovered two Afghan citizens in the cargo area of the truck, who tried to avoid the border control and enter Slovenia illegally. Two more Afghan citizens who were trying to enter Slovenia illegally were found in a truck with Bulgarian license plates. PMP Dobova police officers found three Iranian citizens trying to evade border control on a train loaded with personal vehicles. After the proceedings were completed, the foreigners were handed over to the Croatian security authorities.

Police officers dealt with 67 illegal migrants in the area of the Koper Police Administration last weekend, namely, on Friday: one Afghan citizen at Jelšane, ten Bangladeshi citizens and four Afghan citizens at Starod, on Saturday: two Iranian citizens at Rakitovec and one Pakistani citizen at Ilirska Bistrica, at Neverke three citizens of Afghanistan, at Rakitovec two citizens of Afghanistan, in Ilirska Bistrica one citizen of Libya and one citizen of Morocco, at Belvedur one citizen of Turkey, at Črni Kal two citizens of Iran, at Zazid sixteen citizens of Afghanistan, at Kozina eighteen citizens of Afghanistan, on Sunday: in Račice three citizens of Turkey, and in Kubed one citizen of Afghanistan and one citizen of Pakistan.

During the tasks of guarding the state border between October 1st and October 4th, police officers tracked down and arrested three Iranian citizens and a Pakistani citizen in the area of Dvorc (PS Brežice), an Iranian citizen in Dobova, and four Syrian citizens and a citizen of Palestine in Velika Dolina (PS Brežice), in Ribnica (PS Brežice) two citizens of Syria, in Komarna vas (PS Črnomelj) three citizens of Pakistan and a citizen of Afghanistan, and in the area of Paunoviči (PS Črnomelj) five citizens of Afghanistan. Police proceedings with foreigners who have illegally crossed the state border have not yet been completed.

During the tasks of guarding the state border between October 3rd, 2021, from 6 am and October 4th, 2021, until 6 am, in the area of Livold, Kočevska reka, and Kočevje, police officers from the Ljubljana Police Administration tracked down and arrested 29 foreigners, citizens of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan who illegally crossed the state border. The procedures with foreigners are still ongoing.

Last night, police officers had a French citizen in a procedure, who crossed the state border between Croatia and Slovenia in the area of the Gorišnica Police Station with a truck with French registration plates where there is no border crossing, he also did not have an appropriate permit for this. He was fined by the police.

Source: Koper, Novo mesto, Ljubljana and Maribor Police Administrations


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