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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Residents say Milan, now in chaos, is uninhabitable due to migrants

By V4 Agency

Migrants have taken over the vicinity of Milan Central Station. They often have sex on the streets and perpetrate violent attacks, and drug trafficking in the area has become more intense, according to a local politician.

Enforcing law and order at Milan Central Station is increasingly slipping out of the hands of the authorities. The country’s second-largest railway station, and one of the most important transport hubs in the northern Italian city, has become a hotbed for drug trafficking deals run by migrants who have settled in the area, said Brothers of Italy Party MP Riccardo Truppo, who is also the chairman of the municipal security committee, Il Giornale writes.

The politician’s attention was caught especially by the conditions prevailing on the lengthy avenue which runs alongside the Shoah monument. Although the building here has been remodeled as part of a recent facelift, the sight of migrant gangs camping outside is still a regular occurrence.

Residents in the area are fed up with the situation and decided to gather signatures to effect change. Riccardo Truppo collected their testimonies and conducted several inspections to assess the conditions in person.

“During each of my inspections, I saw intoxicated people, oftentimes cuddling, but always inebriated. They drop their pants at any time of day to relieve themselves, they deal in drugs, and copulate with impunity,” he said.

“It’s extremely alarming that law enforcement agencies are not able to eradicate crime in an area fully equipped with surveillance cameras,” he added.

The situation has now deteriorated to the point where the area has become uninhabitable, property prices have dropped and Italian residents are fleeing in droves, community spokesperson Alberto Volonte has emphasized.

“Citizens have filed reports, police patrols have intervened, but often nothing else can be done. Citizens seem to have lost control and possession of their own city. Impunity is rampant and migrants are dominating the area,” he said.

Tensions are mounting in this part of Milan. The most worrying phenomenon is the proliferation of drug trafficking gangs, and the growing aggression and violence on the streets, Mr Truppo underlined, adding that “whoever tries to reprimand these criminals risks being lynched.”

The chairman of the security committee says that, although it’s a sensitive issue, these hubs or gathering points have formed because the city distributes food and clothing to migrants in the area. “If the volunteers fail to keep an eye on what happens to these goods, the migrants usually sell them to buy drugs and alcohol, thus supporting the black market.”



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