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Monday, August 15, 2022

Records of illegal border crossings again in the area of the Koper Police Department

By C. R.

 The police department announced that from Wednesday to Thursday, police officers dealt with 74 illegal crossings of the state border in the area of the Koper Police Department.

In other police departments, they are also registering newly discovered illegal migrants. Novo mesto Police Department reported that last night a driver of a truck with Serbian registration plates drove to the Obrežje border crossing to enter Slovenia. The police carried out a thorough border control and discovered two citizens of Afghanistan in the cargo vehicle, who tried to evade the border control and illegally enter Slovenia by hiding among the cargo. After the procedure was completed, the foreigner was handed over to the Croatian security authorities.

During the performance of their tasks of guarding the state border, the officers of the Novo mesto Police Department tracked down and arrested nine citizens of Bangladesh in the area of Črnomelj Police Station (Damelj), and arrested five citizens of Iraq, three citizens of Gambia, a citizen of Mali, a citizen of Mauritania, a citizen of Senegal, and a citizen of Bangladesh in the area of Brežice Police Station (Dobova, Jesenice, Obrežje). Police procedures with foreigners who illegally crossed the state border have not yet been completed.

Celje Police Department reported that they dealt with a total of ten cases of violations of laws on crossing the state border.

A Bangladeshi citizen who entered Slovenia illegally was tracked down in the Rogatec area last night. Proceedings with him are still ongoing.

During the performance of their tasks of guarding the state border in the area of Ljubljana, the police officers of the Ljubljana Police Department tracked down and arrested two foreigners (nationals of Afghanistan and Bangladesh) who illegally crossed the state border. The procedures have not yet been completed.


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