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Rail company to suspend services in no-go zones due to atrocities

By: V4 Agency

Harassment, spitting conductors in the face and the intimidation of passengers are just some of the atrocities that have led the rail company to consider suspending its services at certain stations.

Citing “serious public safety issues”, Sweden’s state-owned railway company (SJ) is considering the suspension of its train services at two stations.

As public disorder experienced at and around the Kumla and Hallsberg railway stations has reared its head on the carriages, the railway company has an option not to allow its trains to stop at these stations, SJ business manager Jan Kyrk has said. The decision could be made swiftly and with immediate effect, he added.

In light of the mounting public security challenges, SJ has instructed its inspectors to alert police without delay in the event of any atrocities or threatening behaviour to ensure their own safety, as well as the safety of the passengers. SJ has also advised against arguing with aggressive passengers.

Karin Eldblom from Hallsberg Police told SamhallsNytt that officers receive regular reports about passengers being threatened or even attacked. In an incident last November the perpetrators spat on ticket inspectors, Ms Eldblom said, adding that the thugs were fully aware of the methods used by law enforcement officers. If they spot an officer on the train, they often jump off the carriages to prevent being caught or apprehended.

According to eyewitness accounts, when a female ticket inspector attempted to remove some passengers who had no tickets, they began yelling at her and called her a racist. The thugs even started kicking at her until another inspector rushed to her aid.

Locals living in Kumla also told the news site that Swedes prefer to avoid the train station and its restrooms, a typical meeting point for young gang members aged 25-30, because they think it’s unsafe. Court rulings reveal that most of these so-called problem-groups consist of Afghan, Eritrean and Somali migrants.


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