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Monday, October 3, 2022

Part of Frankfurt airport emptied on Saturday due to violent Slovenian citizen with Balkan roots

By: V.M.

German police arrested a 38-year-old Slovenian citizen of Balkan origin at Frankfurt airport on Saturday afternoon, who was threatening police officers. According to the website of the German federal police, a part of Terminal 1 had to be emptied.

Police questioned the 38-year-old around 17:15 on Saturday for not wearing a protective mask. The man reacted aggressively. “I will kill you all, Allah is great,” he said. He tried to escape, but was controlled by the police.

A Slovenian citizen, who was already known to the police, was detained. According to the German federal police, he is being investigated for threatening and resisting police officers. When he tried to escape, he did not take his luggage with him. As a result, part of Terminal 1 was emptied. Police did not find anything dangerous in the luggage.

At almost the same time, the airport police received information that a man was armed in the area of Terminal 1. Due to the possibility that the event could be related, they expanded the protected area.

Around 20.00, they ruled out the possibility that the man was at the terminal. Thus, the airport and the train station, which were closed because of the alleged armed man, could be reopened.


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