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torek, 28 septembra, 2021

Number of illegal migrants coming to Britain has more than doubled since last year

By A.S. 

According to the predictions, 20,000 illegal immigrants will come to Great Britain by sea in this year alone, which will be double the last year.

Daily Telegraph reports that in this year already 1,400 migrants landed on British shores, and on Tuesday there were 140 of them in only one day. The numbers are skyrocketing, as Great Britain saw the arrival of only 514 illegal migrants at the same time last year.

In the analysis of the mentioned newspaper, Britain will witness the arrival of 20,000 illegal migrants in her first year of independence from the EU, despite the fact that the government promised it will solve this issue after Brexit.

Chairman of the group Migrant Watch UK commented on the current situation: “More than double the number has crossed this year as came during January to March 2020. These dangerous crossings will continue and go on increasing until it is made abundantly clear that the pathway to entering the UK illegally in order to claim asylum is closed.”


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