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Migrants wreak havoc on Canary Islands

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By: V4 Agency

Tensions are running high on the Canary Islands, which saw a steady influx of illegal migrants during the past few months. Recently, migrants claiming to be minors destroyed several apartments in the building they were housed in. A video shows the destruction and its aftermath.

The Civil Guard has been called for assistance by the Canary Islands town of Mogan because they can no longer cope with the problem caused by North African migrants in the area.

On the island of Gran Canaria, immigrants housed in hotels and apartments have repeatedly clashed with locals and authorities. In order to help maintain public order, the Tenerife-based Civil Guard was deployed to Mogan back in January, but it appears that they are needed once again.

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The appeal to the Civil Guard for help came after locals found migrants had completely destroyed several apartments in the building where they had been housed.

The bathrooms were demolished, room furnishings were destroyed, and pieces of furniture were hurled outside the balconies.

Migrant minors are also housed in the apartment building that was trashed. Some “assigned dwellers” have been subjected to bone scans to determine their true age. It is estimated that some 600 migrants falsely identify themselves as minors in the Canary Islands in order to avoid deportation. According to information from Kanarenmarkt, roughly half of them are over 18 years of age, and the other half are over 25 years old.

In the wake of the destruction, four migrants were arrested, three of whom claim to be minors. There is no information as to why they committed the rampage.

The Canary Islands saw the arrival of more than 23,000 illegal migrants last year; the highest number since 2015. About six thousand of them are housed in hotels, which costs taxpayers 300 thousand euros each day.

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