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Migrants knife pizza delivery guy who runs to girl’s help

By: V4 Agency

“If all this had happened the other way round, meaning the victim is an immigrant and the attacker is Italian, I’m sure I would’ve been contacted by many politicians,” the pizza delivery guy stabbed by an illegal migrant told the il Giornale newspaper.

“I don’t feel like I’m a hero, I just tried to protect a girl,” Michele Dal Forno, a 21-year-old pizza delivery guy attacked by two illegal migrants when he rushed to help a girl, told the il Giornale newspaper.

Michele Dal Forno was working his shift in his home town Verona when he noticed a girl who was apparently in trouble. 

“All this happened around 7:30 pm. I just got back to my scooter when I saw a scene that I really, really didn’t like. A girl whom I know by sight was surrounded by two boys. I was afraid that she might get in trouble so I walked over and asked what was happening. When I was only about a meter away, one of the boys struck my face. At first I thought he hit me and I didn’t think I was stabbed, but later, when I felt the blood dripping down, I realised that he cut my face,” the delivery guy said.

“I couldn’t pretend that nothing happened, because if anything had happened to the girl, I would never be able to forgive myself,” he added.

One of the two young illegal immigrants he was arguing with is sixteen years old and has been in trouble with the authorities before.

The food courier stressed that the knifing injury to him means “that something is deeply wrong with our society. It is not normal for two children to walk around the city armed with knives. Where are their families? And the institutions?”

Matteo Salvini contacted Michele Dal Forno inquiring how he was feeling. “We talked about the reasons behind the madness that happened to me. Leaders of other parties did not call me to inquire about my health,” the young guy said.

Answering a question on why the incident has not made more waves in the media, the food runner said “perhaps because the assailant was not Italian. If the victim had been an illegal immigrant, I’m sure I would’ve been contacted by more people,” he added.


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